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  1. Christian H. Says:

    18 year old Ben Wolf meets with his doctor in the summer. His doctor tells him he is going to die in less than a year, and wants to start treatment right away. Ben takes a few hours to think about it and decides that he won’t be going through treatment. He’s also decided that he will play football. Ben already knows a lot about football from helping his brother, Cody, to examine tapes of their next matches. Their coach is a close family friend that knows about their mom’s sickness. She stays locked in her room on days on end. Ben doesn’t want to tell anyone yet, because he is afraid of the burden he would give people. But only because of his disease he has the courage to play football and ask out Dallas Suzuki. His team ends the season undefeated. But they lose in the regional finals, due to their star running back Sooner Cowans becoming injured. While the season’s been going on Ben has been arguing with his US government teacher Mr. Lambeer. Mr. Lambeer almost fails Ben for not complying with his terms. One day Ben looks for Rudy McCoy, he finds out that Rudy has been raped as a boy and is a child offender. Rudy eventually kills himself peacefully because he could no longer live with the guilt. Eventually Ben starts feeling the symptoms. He wants to tell people about his disease, and he starts with coach. He then tells Dallas who rightfully gets mad. Ben later tells his brother. He has a hard time deciding if he should tell his parents, but does so. Sooner Cowan dies of a car accident. Ben yells he’s about to die soon, when arguing with Mr. Lambeer in the middle of the class. Ben dies and his brother Cody reads his letter.

    I really enjoyed the book. The only thing I didn’t like about the book is the fictional character of Hey- Soos. A god- like figure that appears in Ben’s dreams if he really wanted to. That’s one reason why I didn’t include him in the summary. The other is that I forgot about him, and I was too lazy to add him throughout. I was also confused as to why Ben is 18 years old, even though his parents held him back (to grow some, because he was and is very small). Because his brother is in the same grade as him but younger. I’m am now just realizing that Ben said he was 18 in the summer before his senior year started. I also enjoyed reading it through the eyes of Ben because he is almost exactly like me- Small, witty, clever, with a smart mouth, also a bit athletic.

  2. Annika R. Says:

    Summary: Deadline by Chris Crutcher is about a senior in high school named Ben Wolf. Ben was informed by a doctor that he had a serious disease and would die in one year if he did not undergo treatment. Without telling family or friends, Ben chose to not go through treatment and instead fulfill his whole life in one year. Throughout this year he made the varsity football team, dated the girl of his dreams, and befriended the town drunk. He would now let the disease take him with nothing left but close relationships between Ben and his family and Ben and his friends.

    Evaluation: I thought the author came up with an excellent plot. The idea that Ben was supposed to die in one year at the age of 18 hooked the reader into the story. The story and relationships between Ben and other characters flowed nicely throughout the book. In the book, I thought the vocabulary and imagery was poor. There was simple vocabulary and many swear words. The setting was not described with detail. I also did not like the characterization. In my opinion, the author made Ben seem dumb and selfish.

    Rating: 3/5 stars

    Recommendations: The Fault in Our Stars and Wonder

  3. Ginger M. Says:

    Summary: Deadline by Chris Crutcher is about an eighteen year old boy named Ben Wolf who was diagnosed with a fatal disease his senior year. Instead of receiving treatment, Ben decided he wanted to not tell anyone (even including his family and friends) and live big his last year of high school and life. Ben tried out for the football team and became one of the team’s best players and also began dating his ultimate crush: Dallas Suzuki. Ben didn’t realize what a disastrous mess this would potentially cause until the very end, causing the many people who loved him to end up hurt.

    Evaluation: Chris Crutcher, the author of Deadline, used a very creative and distinct style throughout the book. Crutcher used simple vocabulary to unveil a complicated and complex plotline and theme. Deadline was fun and easy to read, however if I could change one thing about it I would suggest that the reading be a little more complex and have indirect characterization rather than direct characterization.

    Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    1) Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio
    2) The Fault in our Stars by John Green
    3) Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

  4. Eden F. Says:

    Summary: The book Deadline by Chris Crutcher follows the life of Ben Wolf. At the beginning of his senior year in high school, Ben finds out that he has a rare blood disease that will end up killing him. He decides to forego treatment and “Live life to the fullest” in a way. Ben makes different choices that affect things and people around him in an attempt to live a full life in one year. These choices take him on a journey that changes his life and the lives of others.

    Evaluation: I thought Deadline was an interesting book. I thought that it was meant to have a sweet meaning, but I think that the author went about it in a way that was inappropriate for a 9th grade English class.

    Rating: 3 Stars


    -The movie “A Walk to Remember”


    The Fault in Our Stars

  5. Holly F. Says:

    Summary: This book was about Ben Wolf, an 18 year old high school senior, who is dying from a rare blood disease. He decides not to take the treatment and lives his last year to the fullest. Ben also decides not to tell anyone he is dying – not even his parents. He ends up joining the football team, which has been a dream of his for a long time, and turns out he was pretty good at it too. As the days go by he starts to become closer to more people in his town. He realizes that he should tell the people who love and care about him that he is dying, because they deserve to know and so they comfort him in his final days.

    Evaluation: I thought the book was good, but I feel that he could have made the main character do something more extravagant than just playing football because it is not the most amazing thing you can do in high school. But in all it was a really good book. I loved the ideas the author had, but it could have used some work.

    Rating: 3/5

    1.) The Fault in Our Stars
    2.) The Outsiders
    3.) To Kill a Mockingbird

  6. William D. Says:

    The book Deadline is about a kid named Ben Wolf who finds out he only has one year to live, so he decides to do everything he has dreamed about no matter how crazy they may seem. The first thing he does is try out for the football team even thought he is 184 pounds and a senior. When he first joins, no one believes in him and his capabilities even if he is an outstanding track star. The coach first tells him that he will not make special teams because he has not put enough time on the field, but that all changes once he scores a game winning touchdown.
    The next thing he does is chase the girl of his dreams, Dallas Suzuki, who is the school’s star volleyball player. He starts to talk to her and even scores an interview with her for the school’s yearbook after they go through all the flirting and young kid stuff they go back to her house and start dating (so romantic). The last thing he does is what everyone in school has dreamed about and that is raise hell in class; he starts to argue with the teacher for not giving the full facts on things in history like how Christopher Columbus kept slaves on his ship and we still celebrate him not saying that’s bad but people should know the facts about things before running the mouth on how great he was.

    All in all I think this book was a good five stars; it’s very interesting and gives you a good idea on what is going through the mind of an average teenager.

    Some books I would recommend if you like this one would be Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Holes, The Great Gatsby, Wise Guy and The Outsiders

  7. Ben G. Says:

    Summary: Chris Crutcher’s Deadline is a story about a high school senior who finds out that he has a terminal illness. He sets out to make the most of his final year through taking risks, from befriending the town drunk, to joining the football team at 123 pounds, to questioning everything that comes out of his history teacher’s mouth, to going on a date with the girl of his dreams.

    Evaluation: I enjoyed this book for the most part. Crutcher does an excellent job of pulling your emotions both ways, from laughing to crying and back again. The conversation in the story is deep and reveals the facets of the character’s personalities, but at times can be very cliche (and often vulgar). This book definitely makes the reader think hard about what they want to get done before they reach their deadline.

    Rating: 3★

    Recommendations: Wonder, Romeo and Juliet (if you liked this book)

  8. Trevor L. Says:

    Summary: Deadline by Chris Crutcher is a book that gives away the ending at the beginning of the book. The main character is Ben Wolf, who is smaller than the average man, smart but arrogant, and diagnosed with terminal cancer. Since he knows that he only has 12 months to live he goes on to try new things like playing a new sport or asking out the girl of his dreams.

    Evaluation: Deadline is the ideal book that a young adult can understand how to get through an extremely difficult situation. You can really connect to the book, and it shows all the drama and the hardships of each person. Also, personally, it got me thinking about my life and how short it is. Ben had 12 months to live and completed his life successfully. I wonder what will happen to me and if I will complete it like Ben did.

    Rating: 4/5

    1. A Wrinkle In Time
    2. Life of Pi

  9. Kobey G. Says:

    In the book Deadline, written by Chris Crutcher, the main character Ben Wolf has to try and live his whole life in just one year. At a physical he discovers he has a terminal illness giving him only a year to live if he doesn’t get treatment. Ben is 18 and decides for himself he will not get treatment. He wants to live out his life without living on machines. He does many crazy things like go out for football, try to get a girl, and even try to name a street before he thinks he will die.

    I enjoyed this book very much; it’s enjoyable to read because of Ben’s humor. He makes many jokes to himself even though he knows he is dying. Also the question of will Ben actually die at the end lingers throughout the story making you want to keep reading it. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone because it has a seriousness to it because the main character is dying, but it’s also very humorous.

    Rating: I would give it a rating between four and five out of five.

    Recommendations: Another book similar to this one that I would recommend is Unstoppable, which is about a kid who gets cancer and that kid also plays football.

  10. Will M. Says:

    Deadline is about a boy named Ben Wolf who found out in his senior year of high school that he has a terminal disease. He decides not to tell anyone in his family or school because he wants to live a normal life. He also decides to forgo treatment so he can live his life to the fullest. Ben tries to do all the things he will not be able to do like go out for the football team and date the girl he has a crush on. Ben manages to live the life he wanted to, even though he makes mistakes along the way. We see that Ben is just a normal guy who wants to feel normal for his last year of life instead of being a sick person. This is a very inspiring book because it talks about overcoming physical, mental, and emotional boundaries that we all set for ourselves. This book also forces us to put ourselves in Ben’s shoes and ask ourselves what would we do if we only had one year left to live. This book had lots of bad language which could be inappropriate for younger readers, and sexual themes. I wouldn’t recommend it for any age below the 7th grade. I really enjoyed this book it’s well written and will keep your attention throughout the book. I liked the way the author used voice and in some parts had little bits of italics for what Ben was thinking at that moment, it really added another dimension to the book.

  11. Matt S. Says:

    Chris Crutcher is a great author. One of his best books is Deadline, a work of fiction about a character named Ben. Overall the book Deadline is a great book. But it is only a great book for some ages. In Deadline there tends to be a lot of swearing, so I would say that this should be limited to 12 or over. I really like this book though because it relates to me. The main character Ben has a bucket list and one of the things on it is to go out for the football team at his school in small town Idaho. He goes out for football, makes the team, and is pretty good at it. If you want to know why a high school aged guy has a bucket list, you’ll have to read the book. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating only because of all the foul language in the book, but it is a very good book.

  12. Max B. Says:

    Deadline, by Chris Crutcher, is a book about a boy with just under a year to live. This book is the best book I have read by Chris Cruthcer. Deadline has a special genre that I have yet to find in any other book. That genre is an adventurous one. But not only adventurous, Crutcher puts a perfect amount of comedy into it. When the book’s not funny, it is still very interesting.
    The main character, Ben Wolf, seems to change throughout the story. I won’t get into specifics, but it is very… cool. There are other characters that “evolve” as well. I found that Crutcher did an amazing job with them. Ben Wolf’s starting impression on most people is that he is in denial about his disease. The reason being that it seems that he doesn’t care that he has a terminal disease. But the way I see him as is he is just simply processing it. He decides that he doesn’t want to live a life of people feeling bad for him because he has a disease.
    I would highly recommend this book, but not to all audiences. There is a good amount of inappropriate language that’s not appropriate for ages under thirteen. I would give this a nine out of ten because Deadline is just so well rounded, funny and all sorts of other stuff that makes this book a very good one.

  13. Dalton H. Says:

    Chris Crutcher is the author of the book Deadline, a bucket-list type book where a boy, knowing he is going to die, sets out to do things he never would have done. His book shows that we should treat our lives like every day could be our last, and to not hold back. This is a great idea.
    The book is a fiction book about a believable character in a realistic setting. The theme surrounding this book is kind of a “high-school teenager’s life.” The setting is in a small town, Trout, Idaho. The characters are relatively normal, with no superpowers or anything crazy. However, several characters have secrets of their own, which adds mystery and intrigue to this book.
    I like how the author adds several instances where Ben (the main character) has these dream conversations with a mysterious man named Hey-soos (Jesus in Spanish). The dialogues let us see into Ben’s mind a little, and lets the reader know what Ben is thinking. I also like how Ben has little dialogues with the different characters of the book, showing us his relationships with the various people in his life. However, I despise the excessive amount of language/profanity in this book. There is also some explicit material and Ben is very disrespectful to his teacher, Mr. Lambeer. However, the book is easy to read and the language easy, so it’s a quick-ish read.
    Although I didn’t really like the book, I had trouble putting it down because it flowed well and was suspenseful. This was a good thing though because the book was captivating enough to keep my attention. If there were no swear words and a little less explicit material this would be an all-around spectacular book. Due to the profanity and some PG-13 content, I would definitely not recommend this book to anyone below the age of 14. Other than that, it’s a great book, with a good set of characters and an awesome plot.
    I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.

  14. Elli A. Says:

    Summary: Chris Crutcher’s book Deadline makes you put your life into perspective. Ben Wolf is a high school senior in a small town in Idaho. He has his whole year planned out, and it is going to be a great last year in school. But then everything changes when he goes in to the doctor’s office to get a sports physical for cross country. Ben finds out he has a terminal disease. Will Ben decide to get the treatment so he has a longer time to live, or will he try and live his life to the fullest with no treatment? This is a book about knowing yourself. Ben faces a lot of things in this book that many of us won’t even have to think about until our 70’s.

    Evaluation: It is a great book and I even got emotional reading about what Ben had to face. The author does a good job at keeping it interesting yet not going into too many details about things. I would suggest this book to anyone who likes a quick read and who doesn’t have to know how things are going to play out right away. The only thing bad I would say about this book is that is it has quite a bit of adult language and for this reason I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up.

  15. Katy S. Says:

    Summary: Ben Wolfe is a smart, ambitious, cross country star. The future is looking secure and bright for him; he has plans to go to college and live a good life. That was until he learns he has a deadly illness that gives him just a year to live. Trying to make the best of his 1 year, Ben shoves himself out of his box and into a whole new world. He goes from cross country and books to football and love. He makes the team and pursues his long time crush, Dallas Suzuki. He’s living the life, for awhile. But keeping his illness a secret from all, even his brother, he discovers the reality of his situation. After everybody finds out the truth about his condition, he must deal with the consequences.

    Evaluation: This is one of my favorite books I’ve read yet. The author is very realistic with the plot he created. Not only was Ben an exciting character and fun to follow, but so were many other characters. Just when you thought you knew a character and had “need to know” information on them, you’d learn a crazy (but realistic) new detail. Even though it wasn’t a mystery, it kept me wondering what details I’d learn next about each character. I felt like I could relate to Ben and many other characters. Their experiences weren’t necessarily things I could relate to directly, I understood and felt like the author did a good job at putting me into their shoes. As a high schooler, it really makes you wonder about the kind of stuff people have going on in their lives that people don’t even know about. Overall, I think Deadline was a very good book with a strong message and great writing.

    Rating: 5 Stars

    Recommendations: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher, Paper Towns by John Green, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

  16. Rylee D. Says:

    Summary: Deadline is a book about a boy going into his senior year of high school in Trout, Idaho. He recieves news while in the doctor’s office for a physical: Ben has a life threatening disease and will probably only live for one more year. Ben refuses treatment and won’t tell anyone about the disease, not even his family. Instead, he wants to make the last year of his life the best. He tries out for football, gets the girl of his dreams, makes a new friend, and changes the town he lives in forever.

    Evaluation: I enjoyed this book. I’ve heard some people hate it, so I guess it’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of football talk, but once you get past that, it’s a really good book.

    Rating: 4/5 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games and The Host

  17. Cole P. Says:

    Summary: The book I read was Deadline by Chris Crutcher. It is about a boy, named Ben Wolf, and his goals he tries to complete. There is one catch though, he has only one year left to live. Ben was diagnosed with a terminal blood disease. His goals include joining the football team, getting the girl of his dreams, and giving Mr. Lambeer, his U.S. Government teacher, a daily headache. He helps out a friend in need and does good on a daily basis. Ben also learns that he is not the only one with a secret, and some are even as big as his.

    Evaluation: I found this to be a great book overall. It reminded me of a movie called The Bucket List. This book shows how Ben accomplishes all of his dreams in just one year. Other people may be inspired to push towards their goals as if they had only one year left to live. His goals were very few in the course of an entire year. I think the author could have added a few more key events to the book.

    Rating: 4/5

    Recommendations: Winterdance

  18. Lee R. Says:

    Summary: Ben Wolf is a senior in high school. He is a nice guy who is short and has a “smart-ass” attitude. He is at the doctor’s office for a physical for the up-coming season of cross country, and he is shocked to find out that he only has a year to live due to a rare type of blood disease. Instead of telling his family and friends, he keeps it a secret with his doctor. Now, Ben’s only goal is to live his last year to the fullest. That means to play football and go after the hottest girl in school, Dallas Suzuki. This book is about his triumphs and the challenges he faces trying to make his mark on the world.

    Opinion: I really enjoyed this book; it was funny, exciting, and it made me want to read more. It was difficult not to get attached to Ben because he might die. It kept me guessing on if he was going to die or not. This book was a big page turner.

    Rating: 4/5 Stars

    Recommendations: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Lone Survivor, Ender’s Game.

  19. Michelle S. Says:

    Summary: When Ben Wolf was a senior in high school, he found out he had a disease that only allowed him to live for one more year. Because Ben is 18, his doctor couldn’t tell Ben’s family that he was dying, so Ben kept his illness a secret and refused treatment. Ben is a star xc runner, but for his final year of high school he decided to do football instead. His brother is the QB for the football team, and their coach is like a father figure to both boys. Ben’s parents are messed up. This book tells about how Ben’s illness affects his life and the things he does with his last year of life; the book shows all the things Ben wants to do before he dies and how he strives to acheive them.

    Evaluation: This book is different from other things I’ve read in the past, because people die all the time and this book shows what people do when they know they’re dying. I feel like this book is sorta realistic, because people do things differently when they’re dying; they try new things, and they do stupid crazy things that they could only imagine in their wildest dreams. But I also think that the book is unrealistic, because most people wouldn’t refuse treatment. But, overall, I thought that book was good and that teenagers could relate to it.

    Rating: 4 of 5 stars.

    Recommendations: The Secret Life of Bees, The Bean Trees, The Wedding Girl.

  20. Barb P. Says:

    Summary: Deadline, by Chris Crutcher, is a jaw-dropping book that tells a story of a boy named Ben and his fight until death. Ben, an ordinary boy, or so he seemed, had a secret that made everything much more interesting. He only had a year to live. During the time he had left he tried out for the football team, which is something he would never do, and he spent it with the girl of his dreams: Dallas Suzuki. He faced some major problems but also had some outstanding accomplishments.

    Evaluation: I really enjoyed reading this book. The author did an outstanding job making you feel like you only had a year to live. He also planted a thought in your head saying, “Yeah, I do only have a year to live, I’m gonna live it to the fullest.”

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

    1. The Hunger Games2. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian3. Fever 1793

  21. Maddi B. Says:

    Summary: Deadline is about a boy, named Ben, who only has one year to live, and he doesn’t tell anyone. Ben was the top in track but decided to do football his last year in high school, with his little brother who isn’t so little. Ben falls in love with this girl Dallas.

    Evaluation: This book was really good. I liked how there was sports and love involved in it.

    Rating: 4 stars

  22. Stephen K. Says:

    Deadline is about a senior at high school named Ben Wolf. Ben is diagnosed with a terminal illness when he goes for a physical for cross country. He decides not to get a treatment and to not tell anyone about his illness. Ben tries to cram everything he can into his senior year at high school. One of the things he does is go out for football, and he plays with his brother, Cody Wolf.

    I think Deadline is a good book. Deadline provides new perspectives and ideas on religion, bigotry, and politics. Chris Crutcher points out problems in society right now. He makes a good point that racism is still around even though we have equal rights.

    Rating: 4/5 stars

    Recommendations: Tuesdays with Morrie, Lies My Teacher Told Me.

  23. Morgan C. Says:

    Deadline is the story of a high schooler, named Ben Wolf, who finds out at the beginning of senior year that he has less than a year to live. He decides against the treatment, because he doesn’t want to die slowly if he’s going to be sick the whole time. He joins the football team because he wants to try it before he dies, and he does great. Other than that he had only one goal: to have a street in a town filled entirely with white people named after Malcolm X. After he dies, his brother Cody reads his speech to the school and accomplishes that goal.

    I thought this was a very well written book. The author really thought from the perspective of the main character. There is a character that Ben imagines in his dreams (called Hey-Soos) which made it easier to see what he was thinking in his subconscious. That really fleshed the story out and made the main character more easily understood.

    Rating: 5 stars

    The Lord of the Rings
    To Kill a Mockingbird

  24. Liam M. Says:

    Summary: Ben is a high school student, and as a senior Ben lives his final year of high school dying. Before school starts, Ben gets a physical for cross country but is notified about a terminal illness. He decides to not get treatment or tell his parents and close family, and instead of going out for cross country he goes out for football. He lives life to the fullest for his last year and hopes to leave with a bang.

    I really enjoyed the book; once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I liked the comedy and the football, and overall the book had a good balance. There are some sad parts, but I would recommend this book to just about anybody.

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, Pendragon

  25. Megan W. Says:

    Summary: Deadline, by Chris Crutcher, is a about a boy named Ben. Ben has a terminal disease. When the doctor tells him he has less than a year to live, Ben decides that he doesn’t want to get treatment and that he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. He makes a short list of things he wants to do before he dies: 1.) Get on the football team. 2.) Get with Dallas Suzuki. 3.) To get the truth out of his education. The rest of the book is about if he can get with Dallas, get on the football team, and Ben giving his teachers hell by trying to get the teachers to teach the truth.

    Evaluation: A lot of the book is about football. I also felt the author kept putting in random things to make the story more interesting. It was a very good book, but at times it didn’t really flow. I felt like the curve balls thrown at Ben weren’t all that realistic. Each one alone was realistic, but when one person is given them all in a year, it starts to become stupid and unrealistic. I did enjoy reading this book though.

    Rating: 4 Stars

    1.) Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson
    2.) The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie
    3.) A Summer To Die By Lois Lowry

  26. Dylan A. Says:

    Summary: Deadline, by Chris Crutcher, is about Ben, a senior in Trout, Idaho. He is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is told by his doctor that he has a year to live without treatment. He plans on living his whole life in this last year. He has many great experiences and some sad and confusing moments as well. He tries out for the football team, instead of track, and is surprised. He is determined to make this the best year he can.

    Evaluation: This is a great book, with surprises around every turn. I accidentally read over 150 pages in one night, because it is such a page-turner. The writing seems as if Ben himself is teling me the tale and makes the experience much more believable. The extreme amount of football jargon only makes the book feel more in depth and real. The book is a touch on the sad side, so if you’re looking for a book that is action packed or extremely happy, this is not the book for you.

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
    Recommendations: The Outsiders, The Book Thief by Markus Zusack, and anything by Dean Koontz

  27. Shelby R. Says:

    Summary: What would you do if you only had one year left to live….and you knew it?? During his senior year of high school, Ben Wolf discovers it will be his last. Determined to go out in remembrance with a blaze of glory he takes those risks he never tried before. Which means trying out for the football team, questioning his education and rebelling against his civics teacher, and snatching the oh-so-wonderful and perfect Dallas Suzuki. But living with a secret is hard. What will Ben do to keep it? And what happens when he finds out he’s not the only person has one?

    Review: I thought this book was very inspiring, it had humour, some mystery, and a life lesson. It teaches you to really think about things and you gain a whole new perspective.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, By Suzanne Collins, and The Host, By Stephanie Meyer.

  28. Brad J. Says:

    Summary: Ben’s doctor tells him he has one year to live. He doesn’t tell anybody about it. Then he trys out for football. Dallas asked him to homecoming. He’s getting his teacher pissed off about Malcom X, but he’s going to die anyways. Before he does, he makes an amazing catch to win the game.

    Evaluation: I really liked this book, because it is well done and has a nice pace. Lots of action too!


    Other Books: Among the Hidden, Among the Free, and Harry Potter.

  29. Ben L. Says:

    A senior in high school is a cross country/track star at his high school in Idaho. He goes in for a physical at the start of the year and finds out he has just one year to live because of a blood disease. He refuses to tell his parents or to get treatment. He realizes he has nothing to lose so he tries out for football.

    I liked this book because it always kept me reading and laughing. The author always found a way to throw in a twist to keep me guessing. I liked the book, but it is also not my favorite book ever.

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: The Book Thief, The Hunger Games

  30. Kate Y. Says:

    Summary: In this book the main character Ben is dying from an aggressive blood disease, but he doesn’t tell anybody because he wants to have a really good last year that is different. He ends up getting the girl of his dreams and becoming the town hero because of football. The disease caused Ben to change his life in a good way, and he affected the people around him so they became better people too. Finally, he changed his whole town to have a different perspective on world issues like race, and showed them that they can do anything they want even if people try to hold them back, just like people tried to do to him.

    Evaluation: I liked this book because it was really realistic. It also made you think a lot about life and dying and things like that. Chris Crutcher was really funny and made the book interesting to read.

    Rating: 3.5

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Fever.

  31. Bailey M. Says:

    Summary: In the book Deadline, a guy named Ben Wolf gets told he only has 1 year to live. He forgoes the treatment in order to have a normal life. He goes out for football and quits cross country, and he meets a girl named Dallas. The story is about the year of life.

    Evalutation: The book was somewhat easy to relate to because he plays football and he is in highschool. I liked that although the topic was sad, the author added humor to it. It made it more fun to read.

    Rating: 4/5

    Street Pharm, Hoops

  32. Jasmine M. Says:

    Summary≡ Ben Wolf is a senior at Trout High School who has a medical diagnosis of one year to live due to his blood disease. With the choice of treatment, he refuses to take it and wants to live a normal last year. He chooses to try out for the football team, give his civics teacher a daily migraine, and to go out with the beautiful and perfect Dallas Suzuki. He has chosen to tell no one about his fatal condition. Throughout his last year he befriends the town drunk and runs into problems along the way and suddenly starts to ponder his life’s purpose and legacy and has dream conversations with a spiritual guide known as “Hey-Soos.”

    Evaluation≡ While I was reading Deadline by Chris Crutcher, I had become confused at times when Ben had the dreams with Hey-Soos because the dialogue was just what they were saying and didn’t explain who was saying it at times, so it was hard to track who said what. I haven’t grown to like this book very much and I am not fond of the author’s choice of language. The story line is fine but can be a bit slow and some parts of it I would have rather not read because of use of drugs or sexuality. Other parts I didn’t know what was going on because of hard vocabulary words that were used repeatedly in the scene, or the author wasn’t specific enough on what had happened in the scene.

    Rating≡ 1 1/2 stars out of 5 stars

    Reccomendations≡ The Chronicles of Narnia series–The Outsiders–Harry Potter series

  33. Kelsie H. Says:

    Summary: Ben Wolf is a teenage boy of eighteen years, who has only a year to live. Knowing this information, Ben is going to live up the year he has left. Within his last year, he falls head over heels in love with a girl named Dallas Suzuki, he joins the football team with his brother Cody, and he tries his hardest to make his last year worth living.

    Evaluation: This book, Deadline, didn’t pull me in as much as I thought, or wanted to. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the book. Perhaps it was because I’ve seen or read the same general plot before. The only thing I enjoyed about it is that Crutcher decided for his character Ben to be optimistic.

    Rating: 2/5 stars.

    Recommendations: Flight, A Child Called “It”

  34. justina A. Says:

    Summary: Deadline is about an 18 year-old boy named Ben. Ben lives in Trout, Idaho. During his last year in highschool, Ben finds out that he has a terminal illness and only has a short span of time to live. He decides to go without treatment so he can have a normal life but also not to spend so much time in a hospital. To make the best of the situation he trys out for football then meets a new friend that helps him through his jurney of hard times and new ideas.

    Evaluation: I enjoyed this book a lot because it takes us through his hard times and shows us how he decides to handle them. He did make a lot of very good decisions with all the horrible events. I didn’t like the ending much, because it was held off till the very last few sentences, and you weren’t given any hints of what was to happen in the end.

    Rating: 3 stars.

    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Eggs, Replay

  35. Sammie W. Says:

    Summary: While seeing his doctor duing his annual physical, Ben Wolf is told that due to a blood disease, he has a year to live. He almost immediately decides not to tell anyone and not to accept any treatment. Ben’s goal was to live as normal of a last year that he could, and to live it to the absolute fullest. He becomes the star of the football team, he pursues the most popular girl in school, and he finds things he never would have dreamed of discovering. Throughout the book, Ben grows in his realization that nothing and no-one is ever what it seems and in his changed perspective of the meaning of life.

    Evaluation: I liked how interesting and deep this book was. Ben’s struggles with what to do with his last year caused my lit. group to make a lot of connections about what we would do if this was our last day. It was also really funny in some parts, and offered a different and new perspective on many different subjects. I didn’t like how short some of the parts were, and that the ending felt a little rushed, but that might of been because Ben’s symptoms became worse and worse very quickly as he got closer to his death.

    Rating: 4/5

    Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz, All the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak.

  36. Samantha G. Says:

    Summary: Deadline is about a boy named Ben (main character) starting out his senior year focusing on his potential future and not partying like his other classmates. A thrilling unexpected discovery changed his whole senior year. Ben was diagnosed with cancer. He was determined to keep he condition a secret from friends and family not wanting to be treated differently, doing everything he has ever dreamed of, he falls in love with the school’s most popular girl Dallas.

    Evaluation: I really enjoyed the book because of all the suspense of his condition. The thrilling moments made me want to read more to see what would happen to him during his senior year and if his secret would come out.

    Rating: 3.5

    Recommendations: A Boys Life and Fight Club

  37. Alden R. Says:

    Deadline is about a boy named Ben Wolf. He, at his XC physical, learns that he has about a year to live. Ben decided to quit XC and join football. Ben had always wanted to play football but he had always been afraid of lasting damage. Ben told no one of his condition, instead he decided to try to live a normal life. Ben went without treatment so he would not spend his last year in a hospital.

    I really enjoyed reading this book. I agree with Ben’s wishes not to live his last years in a hospital. I liked the style of writing. I liked how Ben tried to live life to the fullest and never became depressed when facing his fate.


    The Lord of The Rings, Percy Jackson,

  38. Renee G. Says:

    Summary: The story starts off with Ben (the main character) and Doc Wagner, where Ben finds out he has a blood diesease (he never says the actual name of it), but he decides to not take the treatment because he says he knew he would die early. Knowing he was going to die later that year, Ben keeps the disease to himself. Then he tries out for football. Ben and his younger brother Cody are on the team and put in a lot of effort. Ben ends up with the girl he likes Dallas Suzuki. In the end he discovers many things about his town and himself.

    Evaluation: I liked the book for the most part, although some of the situations are somewhat akward while disscussing. All in all however it was very well written and non-confusing. But I didn’t enjoy that there was not much of a climax, and it could’ve used a couple chapters between the end and the epilouge.

    Rating: 4 stars.

    Recommendations: A Mango Shaped Space, Wednesday Wars, Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

  39. Garth B. Says:

    Summary: Deadline is about a young man, Ben Wolf, who only has a year to live. He decides not to tell anyone and do everything he’s dreamed of doing. He joins the school football team, helps a drunk find light in his life, and date the girl of his dreams. He causes a little havoc in the small town of Trout, Idaho, as he goes on to name a street Malcom X Ave.

    Evaluation: I personaly thought the book was very anticlimatic. You knew the ending from the first chapter and could easily perdict events as the book unfolds. THe main character had several personalities, ways he would act around people that made no since.

    Rating: 2 Stars

    Recommendations: Hunger Games Series, Harry Potter Series, and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

  40. Kellen Hodge Says:

    Summary: In the book Deadline, by Chris Crutcher, a boy named Ben is diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a year to live. Ben is a small kid but since he knows he doesn’t have much too lose he tries out for the football team anyway with his brother Cody. He decides not to tell anyone about his illness and not get treatment either. Ben goes out on a limb when homecoming comes around, he starts to flirt with the girl of his dreams, Dallas Suzuki, and go through hardships and good parts.

    Evaluation: I really liked this book because it had a lot of exciting parts and happy parts and most of all suspensful parts. Overall this book was an amazing book that keeps you on your toes.

    Rating: 5/5

    1.) Wringer
    2.) The Outsiders
    3.) Of Mice and Men

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