Welcome to bachbooks Book Reviews

Get started.

  1. Find the title of the book you read, and click on that post.  If your book doesn’t have a post yet, email eric.bachmeier@bellinghamschools.org, and I will add your book.
  2. When you prepare to comment, use your first name and last initial (Eric B.) and your Bellingham High School email address.
  3. Be sure you include all four required elements in the proper format.  (Summary: one paragraph, Evaluation: one paragraph, Rating: 1-5 stars, and Recommendations: 2-3 other books people should read)
  4. Make sure your review is final draft quality (type it in Word first, get a trusted peer to edit it with you, select all, copy), and then paste it as a comment.
  5. Click on the yellow stars to record your rating (1-5).

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