1984, George Orwell

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  1. Oliver D. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is a story that follows a character named Winston. Winston lives in a depressing, futuristic world. A powerful group called “Big Brother” has absolute power over Winston and the other people that are currently living in “Oceania.” Throughout the book, Winston displays a hate towards Big Brother and looks for ways to defy their control over his life.

    Evaluation: I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting idea for how the future will turn out. In some ways, Orwell has made predictions that are fairly accurate. It’s cool to see connections with the current world and the world in 1984. At times the narrative is boring and strange, but most of the book is intriguing and enjoyable to read. 1984 is a high quality story with a neat idea. Overall, I feel that 1984 is good, but not great.

  2. Alyssa W. Says:

    Summary: George Orwell spins a tale of a man named Winston living in a modern world whose population has no memory of the past. ‘The Party’ rules its society with dictatorship, lies, and fear. This book follows Winston as he teams up with a few others in an attempt to overthow the government and give freedom to its people.

    Evaluation: This was an interesting book to read and by far a ‘one of a kind’ idea. It was not a difficult book, though the concepts are sometimes a bit confusing and complex.

    Rating: Four stars

    Recommendations: Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, and anything by Dan Brown (DaVinci Code, The Lost Symbol, etc.)

  3. Reece V. Says:

    Summary: 1984 was a great read, set in a futuristic Britain society. In the book Oceania is a totalitarian system of control by the government, or “The Party”. Oceania’s government has complete control of everything from necessities to luxuries. Along with controlling physical, items the party also installs fear into its citizens making sure that people understand the punishments in place for betrayal and conspiracy. Thought crime is death! Winston, a member of the outer party, is the protagonist in this book, and 1984 is a description of his conflicts with the party

    Evaluation: The book 1984 was not a fast read by any means. In many places the pace was slow and wordy; however, the context and ideas that are the very essence of this book make it a great read. After you read this book, you begin to recognize references back to this story all the time. Its ideas are everlasting and very apparent in the modern world today. How much governmental control is necessary? What should be its limit? 1984 is book that should definitely be read at least once by everybody.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Mocking Jay, and The Life of Pi

  4. Miranda D. Says:

    Summary: This book is written about what the author thought the future would be like. It follows the main character, Winston, as he attempts to ‘challenge’ the government. This is difficult for him though, because he is always being watched. The telescreens placed all around can watch every move people make and are being viewed by the government. Winston joins together with two other people with a goal to overcome the government system.

    Evaluation: I thought this book was very well written. It discusses a possible way the government could have been in the future. The book revolves around one main theme, so it makes the book easy to follow. The theme is that Winston knows there is a better world out there, and he is searching for it. I think the ideas in this book are becoming very real today. The government is finding ways to watch us and listen to our conversations.

    Rating: 4 Stars

    Recommendations: Brave New World

  5. Tye J. Says:

    Summary: In a world where everything is controlled and nothing goes unmonitored, one man searches for meaning in his miserable life and finds that some secrets are better left unknown. Winston doesn’t remember much of his past and neither do the other inhabitants of Oceania, and even if they did know the past The Party would see to it that it is forgotten. Orwell predicts a world where governments use their people like blind servants, feeding them a constant stream of lies through propaganda, and always watching their movements. Oceana is a nation fueled by ignorance and compliance, the adults live in fear, and the children are spies. Freedoms are nonexistent. There are no written laws, but just watch what you do because even thinking against The Party is considered to be a crime.

    Evaluation: The novel 1984 by George Orwell is a classic book that gives us a glimpse at the chilling future that might someday come into fruition. Overall, I had mixed feelings about it, and though I enjoyed it I felt as if I was being dragged unwillingly by the strange plot. What I mean by this is that I was drawn to read the book to find out what was happening, without enjoying the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I disliked the book, I thought that it was an interesting concept and was well written, but I felt as if it was redundant (this feeling could possibly be from the constant review/testing/notes in class though so it’s hard to say). Something I really liked about Orwell’s 1984 was that it has many unexpected twists and turns in it to keep you guessing what is going to happen next.

    Rating: 3 / 5

    1. The Hunger Games
    2. The Things They Carried
    3. A Thousand Splendid Suns

  6. Reed W. Says:

    1984 is a strange book written by George Orwell in 1948. The book is a futuristic book about world that is completely controlled by the government. The world that is created is very depressing and anti-thought. This world resembles a dictatorship by the single ruling party. This party instills fear into the citizens and by this eliminates free thought. The protagonist and main character, Winston Smith, feels as if free thought should be permitted and his goal throughout the book is to try and break the system that the government has created and abolish all censorship and control.

    I personally did not like this book; it was simply too dull. This idea that Orwell presents is a very thought provoking and interesting topic. However, the character development and progressiveness of the book did not capture me as a reader. Winston was too passive. If he was truly against the party, he should actually show it! If he were more passionate about what he was fighting for the story would have been much better.

    Rating: 2 stars

    The Broker, The Things They Carried, Frankenstein, Brave New World.

  7. Dominic F. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is about a crippled society stripped of its rights by its oppressing government and dictator leader, Big Brother. The book revolves around the character Winston Smith who you see tries to find inner peace and rebel against Big Brother. The government indoctrinates the society into making them believe what they want them to, also inserting fear, and strict regiment into their lives. The government also can change history which has a huge impact. The never seen or heard from Big Brother and his government’s intentions are to keep a grasp on the population by controlling their lives mentally and physically, diminishing the pleasures and fun that are in life. At the beginning of the book you see how life is for the people, and how they’re forced to live under government regulations, and to love the mysterious but real Big Brother. The main character, Winston, tries separating away from all the rules, and begins to question Big Brother’s existence. He relies on his dreams to put the pieces of his past together, and becomes more inner rebel as time goes by.

    Response: I think this book is very interesting. The book has many powerful passages that set the tone or morale of the society in 1984. This book has a lot of powerful insight and quotes which made me as the reader become more engaged, and thrive to read more. It definitely requires the reader to find the true meaning of what’s said and going on. Good book to read for advanced readers.

    Rating: ***** 5 stars
    1. The Things They Carried2. 1984
    3. One Flew Over The Cuckoos’ Nest
    4. Friday Night Lights

  8. Tess F. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is a horrific future vision of the society. It illustrates an environment where everyone goes to assigned work places, eats the same food, dresses the same way, and worships the leader, Big Brother. Also, they are under constant surveillance to secure a supposedly “peaceful” society. The book follows Winston Smith, a man who struggles to live under these conditions, and strives against Big Brother.

    Evaluation: This book may seem unrealistic at first, but it is quite frightening when you start to notice some connections between George Orwell’s clear visions of the future to today’s society. 1984 is a powerful and unique novel that leaves the reader with many afterthoughts.

    Rating: 4.5 stars

    Recommendations: Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451

  9. Renata R. Says:

    Summary: The book 1984 is about a man who lives in a very dark, gloomy, and controlled society. Within this place, every person’s room is watched by a monitor/TV, and through this T.V. the people in charge can get through to you and see you at any given moment. There are even people called Thought police within the society. Everyone is forced to think and act a certain way, be loyal to the party and head figure. Although there are people within the society that are against the party and head figure.

    Evaluation: Overall I didn’t really enjoy the book; the ideas were a little strange. But the main reason why I didn’t really enjoy reading it was because of how detailed some of the sections were. I also felt like it was hard to determine what was going on in a few points in the book. The book overall was a bit depressing, the whole environment, society, and atmosphere.

    Stars: 2 stars (**)

    Recommendations: The Grapes of Wrath

  10. Zoe B. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is more or less a man’s prediction of the future. George Orwell predicts that the government will completely take over the human population; the author creates a nightmare where “Big Brother” eliminates people’s right to free speech, and they even eliminate people’s freedom of thought. George Orwell tells the story of Winston, a man living in 1984 and how he attempts to rebel against “Big Brother.”

    Evaluation: Although 1984 was slightly interesting, it rarely freaked me out because the connections that George Orwell made with the government that he flagged as potentially hazardous were not, in my opinion, a valid point for consideration. 1984 lost its seriousness, because it was not realistic for me.

    Rating: I give this book a 2 and a half stars.

  11. Brandon P. Says:

    The book “1984” is written based on the author’s view of what the future will look like when he wrote the book in 1948. The main character, Winston, is an average working person who works for the extremely powerful and corrupt government. The government controls the population through fear, and is very powerful. Winston’s job requires him to edit historical records in favor of the government. He makes the party look good by changing the past so people think the party controlling the government is perfect. The book is basically a story of Winston’s minor attempt to revolt against the government and his challenges along the way.

    I thought the book was very slow and dry, and many of the parts in the book had little to no purpose. It seemed like at the end of the book very little was accomplished. However I did find the idea of the government controlling and watching its people very interesting after we compared their government to ours. It turns out that many of the breaches in privacy that we read about are not so different than what our government has access to today. Overall I thought the theme of the book was interesting however the plot of the book was not very fun to read.

    Rating: 2 stars

    Recommendation: The Things They Carried.

  12. Terry M. Says:

    The book 1984 is a story about a man who lives in a controlled society. Every motion, every word, and every action is closely watched and sometimes controlled by the government. The government even starts to control what people think and know by having what are called thought police. Winston, the main character works for the government at a place where documents of old historical references are destroyed to control the knowledge of the past. Winston goes day to day, wanting to break out, express his own opinion, and try and change the government for the better, but he is afraid they will kill him. Along the way, Winston meets up with a girl he constantly has dreams about and finds that she too expresses the same feelings. Winston also meets another man named O’Brien that seems to have the same intentions as he does.

    Although I liked the message of this book, I did not favor the writing style and the way the story unraveled. The point that Orwell brings us is very powerful, but the writing itself was not my favorite.

    Rating: I would give this book about 2-3 stars out of 5.

    Recommendation: Another book that I would recommend though is The Grapes of Wrath, a compelling story of a poverished family trying to find work as agricultural workers during the great depression.

  13. Blake Z. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is set in a time when rules and regulations are as harsh as ever. Few people dare to stand up against the tyrant government of Oceania. However, when one man does, it shows everyone what can happen as a result. It follows the main character, Winston, and his constant fight for individuality in a state that is all the same.

    Evaluation: This book brought up many great points and deep insights. Nevertheless, I wasn’t drawn in by the plot or events. If you are looking for a book that talks about our potential future or government uprising, this is the book for you.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: The Kite Runner; Jarhead

  14. Jasmyn I. Says:

    Summary: Trapped in a world where you can’t be original. Sitting in your grey home, watched as you make every move you do. Winston, once a man of his own opinions, stands for himself and rebels against what is standard and right in his world. Risking all he has for the love of another, setting out to join the brotherhood to fight against the party, he is willing to do a lot and sacrifice anything except the woman in his life. It’s the choice of love and death, or life and rules.

    Evaluation: There are many different concepts that you can relate from 1984 to the real world today. There is the idea of a controlling group that maintains everything. Also, there is the idea of “Big Brother,” and how it can also relate to present time. Overall, the story of 1984 is a great read. Read between the lines and you’ll get even more out of the book.

    Rating: 4 / 5 stars

    Recommendations: Brave New World; Slaughterhouse-Five

  15. Luke W. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is about a futuristic society where everything is pretty much controlled. Nobody can express themselves and any acts or even thoughts of rebellion against the party are immediately stamped out. The main character begins to think he should stop following all the rules of the government and is targeted because of it.

    Evaluation: I think the book has its ups and downs. It is very well written but does not always keep the reader excited. The whole plot is fairly slow and boring. In the end, however, there is a pretty interesting message conveyed in the story.

  16. Greg L. Says:

    Summary: 1984 was a book about Big Brother and the idea of a government totally dominating a population. It was Big Brother’s intent to closely watch over all of the citizens and make sure they were following the rules and supporting Big Brother. They would use Telescreens to watch everyone’s every move and use Junior Spies to watch over all of the adults. The main character, Winston, is against the party and does whatever he can to stop it and return Oceania to the way it was in the past. Did he succeed?

    Evaluation: I enjoy this book because it is very interesting and out there. They took the way our governments work and blew them way out of proportion. I liked how they interpreted the future and what someday it would be like.

    Rating: 3 Stars

    Recommendations: I would recommend the books The Things They Carried, The Blind Side, and Of Mice and Men as other good class readings.

  17. Molly L. Says:

    Summary: This book is about a man named Winston and his life in a world controlled by the Party and Big Brother. Winston realizes that the Party is controlling the peoples’ thoughts and actions, and then he tries to go against Big Brother. He learns that there may be a secret society that despises the Party.

    Evaluation: Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I thought the beginning was a little slow, but once I got into it, it had me wondering what was going to happen next. Honestly, I think this book is important to read because after you read it, you will realize how many modern day things make references to this book.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: Night and Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

  18. Audrey W. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is the story of Winston Smith, a man living in a world where the government has full control of everything. Control of people’s homes, jobs, lives, and in most cases people’s thoughts. Winston struggles to follow the authority of “Big Brother” the man who is looked upon as a savior to the nation Oceania. Winston’s yearning to learn the truth only breaks him as a being, in the book 1984.

    Evaluation: For me, 1984 was an okay book. It felt too slow for my liking, and I didn’t like how the author explained everyday typical situations in such description that they lasted for paragraphs. One thing I did like was that Orwell’s ideas made me question my own surroundings, and it was easy to look around our world and find the connections between 1984 and the present day. This book does not have a happy ending, and that is also something I find to be a must in books I enjoy.

    Recommendations: Harry Potter (all of them); Looking for Alaska; Zombies Vs Unicorns

  19. Miranda S. Says:

    Summary: Have you ever really thought about how much our government actually watches our every move? In the book “1984” it basically explains a world where Big Brother (which is kind of like the government) has complete control over everyone’s thoughts and actions. Winston, the main character, falls in love with Julia and gets himself into a lot of trouble. His hated against Big Brother makes him greatly different from the rest of the characters in the novel as well.

    Evaluation: Overall the book was a little hard to follow and was pretty confusing. It was interesting how much the book did connect to our everyday world today though.

    Rating: 2 stars

    Recommendations: One Tuesday Morning; Beyond Tuesday Morning; The Glass Castle

  20. Kaylee H. Says:

    Summary: 1984 takes place in the town of Oceania, where the people are controlled by a government that calls themselves “The Party”. Winston Smith, the main character and narrator expresses his true thoughts and hatred towards The Party. Run by a totalitarianism government, The Party controls the past, present and future. All traces of individuality, freedom and truth have been eliminated from the lives of the people of Oceania in hopes to have complete control.

    Evaluation: 1984 is a tough book to read, because it doesn’t immediately capture your attention and draw you in. The plot is slow and dull and lacks immediate action. If the book manages to capture your attention, you’ll realize how accurate and realistic the events are that take place in the book

    Rating: 2 / 5 stars

    Tuesdays with Morrie
    Go Ask Alice

  21. Kara M. Says:

    Summary: A man named Winston Smith finds himself rebelling against society. He lives in a world where all aspects of daily life are controlled. Not only that, the lives of the people in this community are being monitored to ensure that everyone does exactly what they are told. Now, you may be wondering who could possibly be in control of a world such as this? A man they call Big Brother is their leader, and society worships him — it is almost cult-like. Rather than any normal government, it is almost a complete dictatorship, and no one could possibly overthrow Big Brother’s power. However, as rebellious as Winston is, he tries to live around the ruling of Big Brother by breaking almost all rules alongside a woman who he thinks he loves.

    Evaluation: This book was very interesting, and had a good idea of what the future would look like. I enjoyed some parts of the book; especially the parts that I could relate to our world today. Sometimes the book would go into a lot of detail that wasn’t completely comprehendible or entirely interesting, but it didn’t stray away from the excitement of the book. I would recommend this book for many types of readers, because it truly is interesting as long as you’re up for a detailed story.

    Rating: 3 stars.

    Books I would recommend are: The Bean Trees, Tuesdays With Morrie, and all books by Ellen Hopkins.

  22. Maddy F. Says:

    Summary: 1984 is about a society where everything is controlled by a group of people called the Party. They listen and watch everyone, everywhere at every second. This book follows a man, Winston, and his rebellion against the Party. Winston has a secret love affair, and together they must remain unseen and unheard from everyone around them in order to stay alive.

    Evaluation: I thought this book was very interesting because it’s about what someone thought our world would be like. At times 1984 was pretty slow and boring. However it wasn’t easy to put down when the action started.

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: Brave New World and Harry Potter

  23. Jack C. Says:

    Summary: The book 1984 is a story about a guy named Winston. Winston lives in a totalitarian society where his every move is choreographed and scrutinized. 1984 is about Winston’s attempt to try and stick it to the man and how he tries to do that.

    Evaluation: Although this book was not as bad as The Grapes of Wrath, the book was very dry and kind of boring. A person could almost guess what was going to happen next because there was so much buildup to a scene.

    Rating: I would give this book 2 out of 5 on the star scale.

    Recommendations: For better books look to The Things They Carried
    and Bachmeier: An Autobiography

  24. Daniella B. Says:

    Summary: Winston Smith is trying to go against Big Brother and the people in charge of Oceania. Big Brother is never seen, never heard, just known and feared. They vaporize anyone who speaks against them, anyone who doesn’t believe that they are the best thing possible. Winston is one of the people who thinks differently. He wants to figure out how people lived in the past, and if it was better than how they live now.

    Evaluation: I would say that 1984 was a decent book. Some parts were very confusing and hard to read. I can definitely say that I would not have read this book outside of school. The novel is dark, filled with sex, and filled with hate.

    Rating: 3 Stars.

    Recommendations: Tuesdays with Morrie, Harry Potter, and Talyn

  25. David S. Says:

    Summary: The setting of 1984 is a futuristic country called Oceania which is made up of Great Britain and the US. In Oceania, the government is all powerful and the society is dystopian. In Oceania, there is a man named Winston, who is a government worker, and he isn’t happy with the government or the leader, Big Brother. He meets other members with views similar to his and together they try to overthrow Big Brother and end his reign of tyranny and oppression.

    Evaluation: This book was ok. It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t think it was great. Some of the chapters were pretty dull to read, but overall the plot was interesting. There were some interesting twists and surprises later in the book that I liked.

    Rating: 3 / 5

    Recommendations: Of Mice and Men, The Little Engine that Could, the Koran

  26. Jake K. Says:

    Summary: 1984, by George Orwell, centers on the struggles of Winston Smith, a middle age man fighting for his sanity in a society where the people are oblivious to the fact they’re being oppressed by a totalitarian government. The people of Oceania (the country where the story is set) worship without hesitation the leader that oppresses them, a shady figure called Big Brother, yet no one has ever seen him. Winston understands this and it drives him crazy. He desires to rebel, but is afraid he will be turned in to the Thought Police, an organization under Big Brother that is dedicated towards watching over the people of Oceania and finding those opposed to Big Brother. He wishes to overthrow Big Brother, but doesn’t know how. Will Winston find a way to rebel and overthrow Big Brother, or will he be found by the Thought Police and forced to accept Big Brother and give up his individual thought like the rest of Oceania?

    Evaluation: I genuinely enjoyed this book. I thought it was interesting how many connections there are between this book and our society today. There are so many frightening things about our society that I hadn’t noticed before.

    Rating: I give this book a 4 / 5 stars

  27. Mark C. Says:

    1984 is a well written book that was made in 1948. The book focuses on the government and how powerful it can be if we let it get to that point. Throughout the book we follow the main character Winston as he goes about his daily activities, which I might add are way different than ours. Everything in his life is regulated by the government (Big Brother); they have complete control over everyone and thing except the proles.
    B.B. has TVs in everyone’s rooms (telescreens) that spy on everyone, everything is rationed out, and low level civilians get treated like animals by the thought police. This book was written in 1948 and was supposed to be about the future. How accurate was George Orwell?

    I would give 1984 a 3 star rating, because throughout the book there are a lot of parts that just seem to drag on way too long. It got really boring sometimes because of this.

    The House of the Scorpion;
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest;
    Lord of the Flies

  28. Zach J. Says:

    The novel 1984 is written after World War II but is based off in the future. There is a new government that can read people’s minds and has surveillance on them 24/7. These people are called the thought police, and they can torture citizens breaking the law if they want to. There are people who form unions against Big Brother.

    I would give this book a 4 star rating because I thought this book was pretty good, had a great story line to it, but was a little confusing at first. I would definitely recommend reading it to see how people live their lives in the country of Oceania.

    Rating: 4 stars.

     The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
     My Side of the Mountain
     Brave New World

  29. Fahren M. Says:

    1984 was a book about supreme government control and how it affected the everyday lives of the civilians. The world was divided into different continents and each continent had its own name. The book took place in a fictional continent called “Oceania.” Throughout the book, Oceania had conflicts with East Asia and Eurasia. The main character, Winston, hopes to seek out freedom and individuality. Winston is driven into madness due to the idea of everyone being a robot to “Big Brother” and all of the threats Big Brother sends out such as signs saying “Big Brother is watching.” In every single room in Oceania, a telescreen is placed so everyone 24/7 hours of the day and week will be watched, because Big Brother is making sure no one is participating in any illegal activities. Many things are banned in Oceania.

    I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt that it was very meaningful and educating. It teaches us that we can’t always trust our leaders. At times, the book was confusing and tedious, but for the most part I was very engaged and I was interested in finding out what would happen next as I read each chapter.

    Rating: I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5.

    Recommendations :
    Animal Farm;
    Brave New World;
    A Clockwork Orange;
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest;
    Lord Of the Flies

  30. Shane C. Says:

    1984 by George Orwell follows a man named Winston and his daily struggle trying to fit in a society that is ruled by an oppressive and mysterious ruler by the name of Big Brother. Winston desires to rebel against his government in any way possible but he is afraid he will be discovered by the thought police, an organization under Big Brother that constantly monitors the people of Oceania (the country Winston lives in). Will Winston succeed in rebelling against the oppressive Big Brother and overthrow him, or will he be caught by the thought police and forced to accept the rule of Big Brother?

    To me this book seemed really difficult to read when I first started reading it. I guess I just had to get familiar with the way that they were speaking. This book was really good; there were a lot of twists and surprises throughout the book. I made some really strong connections with today and days in the book. “Big Brother is watching” still stands today.

    Rating: 3 / 5 stars

    I give this book 3 out of 5, because it was good book just not the right book for me.

    Recommendation: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

  31. Beryn S.-W. Says:

    1984 is a book about a lot of things, but most of all it is about persuasion. Not only are the main characters constantly being persuaded by Big Brother, his propaganda, and his cohorts, but the author is also trying to persuade the reader a certain way. This book is nothing other than an anti socialist/communist piece of propaganda.

    It is a well-written book especially for its time. The protagonist is easy to relate to and is an interesting study especially given all of the predicaments he gets into as the plot progresses. I will admit it is slow at times and because of that can seem boring, but you have to consider the time period that it was written in. As for a rating I think I would give 1984 a 4 out of 5 stars. If you read 1984 and liked it I would recommend reading Feed and Fahrenheit 451. These both have many similarities to 1984 in the sense of propaganda and control of the people, but are very different takes on these topics. If you found 1984 intriguing, you will probably also find these books so.

  32. Shea S. Says:

    George Orwell writes about the life of a man who has lost the rights to free thought and pleasure. The difference between this man (Winston) and the rest of the world is that he has the wisdom to recognize entrapment. Learning to love in a world where love is discouraged and punishable is proven to be a difficult task for Winston as he waits for any signs of revolution.

    Thoughts are expressed in such a way that one can truly imagine the presence of Winston’s thoughts. I suppose the only recommendation I would give to George Orwell if he could write 1984 again is to use more metaphors and analogies to compare the actions in his book. Reason being, he is explaining abstract ideas which are sometimes difficult to follow. For this I give 4 stars.

    Rating: 4 stars (****)

    The Hunger Games (Catching Fire, Mocking Jay)
    Way of the Peaceful Warrior

  33. Brett M. Says:

    In 1984, the story is meant to take place in a future in which the government has the right to watch people’s actions and thoughts at any given time. The people of this society are not allowed to have any independent thoughts or actions without the consequence of death.

    In my opinion, this story is a great example of how our society could be like or kind of is today, if now we do not take action. It is very interesting, but very slow, and I dislike how little the main character acts on his feelings towards the government, which makes the story a lot duller.

    Fahrenheit 451;
    A Brave New World;
    The Things They Carried

  34. Niall Q Says:

    Summary: 1984, by George Orwell, is about a middle class citizen, Winston, and his life in a strictly run dictatorship. His life is run by a person, or the thought of a person, Big Brother and a group of people called the inner party. This book shows the struggles that the average citizen has in life and how he struggles to agree with the way that his life is run.

    Evaluation: 1984 was a good book after you got into it a ways. It was tough for me to get into, but once I did I found it tough to put the book down.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recomendation: A Brave New World

  35. Nolan T. Says:

    Summary: This is all about a man named Winston who lives in a society that is a dictatorship ruled by Big Brother. There are many rules in this society, and Winston is trying to defy all of them. Winston can’t handle all of the rules and always being watched. Winston does all that he can to stay secret while still breaking the law.

    Evaluation: 1984 was interesting, but I didn’t like it very much. The book didn’t draw me in at all, and it was a very slow read. The idea was good, but the author’s writing style is not what I like.

    Rating: Two stars

    Recommendations: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, The Things They Carried, and Of Mice and Men.

  36. Jaleel W Says:

    Summary: In a sadistic society, a man struggles to deal with oppression from his government or risk his life for a chance to undermine and change the corruption and lust of the government in an anarchistic way.

    Evaluation: I thought the book was good, it portrays a logical insight to a future of what could have been/be if citizens sleep on their government gaining power and control.

    Recommendation: A Clockwork Orange

  37. Riley F. Says:

    Summary: This story follows the life of Winston, the main character. We see his struggle throughout his life of following the “Norm”. Always being watched takes its toll on Winston and contributes massively to his decisions; Winston soon learns that he will have to follow the crowd to live a somewhat normal life.

    Review: Overall I found this book somewhat boring and slow moving. Even when things were occurring to Winston, the main character, they never caught my attention. I would like to see action in a book. One thing I could relate to was the thinking process of Winston.

    Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

    Recomendations: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Brave New World, Eragon.

  38. Cooper d. Says:

    Summary: The novel takes place in 1984 in a land called Oceania, created after the “Revolution” where the only victor was ‘The Party,’ a group of elites under the oppressive rule of Big Brother, the illusive figurehead of Oceania. Winston Smith, a courageous citizen, decides to try and rid Oceania of opression with drastic results. Will he succeed?

    Evaluation: I thought that overall 1984 by George Orwell (Eric Blair) was a good book. Good in that it told the tale of a man’s quest to do right, but also sad because the main character experiences setbacks all along the way. Plus, I am really into politics and this book was definitely worth it to analyze the autocratic system of Big Brother.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Hegemony or Survival, Noam Chomsky; Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky; Animal Farm, George Orwell; The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien; The House of the Scorpion, Nancy Farmer

  39. Bryce H. Says:

    Summary: The Party (Government) tells everyone what they can and cannot say and think and monitors everyone’s lives. Winston is a worker for the party.

    Evaluation: I think this book was well written and organized but there are some parts of it that confused me.

    Rating: 3 Stars

    Recomendations: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley; Animal Farm by George Orwell

  40. Noah E. Says:

    Summary: In 1984 the main character finds himself scheming to overthrow the ever powerful dictatorship known as Big Brother. Throughout the story Orwell illustrates the hardships of the citizens of Oceania through Winston’s everyday struggles.

    Evaluation: The book itself was great; it started out slow so it could develop the storyline. Once it started to pick up, the word choice in Orwell’s descriptive passages illustrated the setting in my imagination. If it is read in its entirety, it is a great book

    Recommendation: The Things They Carried

  41. Sierra L. Says:

    In the book 1984 the main character, Smith, finds himself in a society ruled by a tyrannical leader, and even the thought of rebellion can land you in jail or with a bullet in your head. The reader follows Smith on his quest to rebel against the government with everything he has, including his young love.

    This book was well written but too long-winded, in my opinion, at parts and had unnecessary chapters. This book is definitely not for everyone and has potential to be enjoyable but again it all depends to the reader. I, myself, however did not enjoy the book. I found it predictible and long-winded.

  42. Kyle B. Says:

    Summary: The year is 1984; it is the near future where ‘Big Brother’ is watching. Everything is monitored by the government and ruthlessly enforced by the thought police. None can be trusted where in this future one’s children could betray them. But there is a diamond in the rough where Winston and Julia struggle to keep their love hidden.

    Evaluation: Personally, I loved this book because it seems to predict how modern life is and will be or could be. Some of the realities in the book are present in today’s world. I would recommend this book to anyone. I would also recommend this book to those who dislike the government

    Rating: 5 stars

    Recommendations: Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Great Gatsby, American Psycho, and Battle Royal.

  43. Bri S. Says:

    The book 1984 by George Orwell is a compelling novel about a man named Winston and his journey through a different kind of world where you are always being watched. The people in this world are brainwashed into thinking this is all normal, but for Winston he knows there is more to life than their usual average day.

    I thought this book is really interesting to say the least. As the story progressed I got more and more curious about what was going to happen next. Even though 1984 is a definite page turner, there are some uninteresting times as well. There are some parts that are really drawn out and unnecessary.

    Rating: All in all I’d give this book a 3 on a scale of 1-5.

    If you like this book, you might also like the book “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.

  44. thanson12 Says:

    This was litterally one of the weirdest books I have ever read. it started weird and ended even weirder. Even still it has a great moral to it and leaves you wanting to make sure what happens in the book never becomes reality.

  45. Yeung Y. Says:

    Summary: It was a great book, showed a great prediction of the future when It was made in 1948. It told/predicted that the society will be totally controlled by the government and how people won’t have as much freedom, when people are suspicious of breaking the law, they will be tortured and hurt to let the “truth” or what the people want to hear because if they are accused of something, they won’t have a chance at freedom unless they tell them they did it.

    Evaluation: This is a great book with nice details about the characters and the events. I liked how the feelings of the characters show during the events.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Of Mice and Men, The Crucible.

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