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  1. Chandler C. Says:

    Summary: In 2070 the world is at war with an alien race called the Buggers. When the army turns to kids as their new recruits to train in space, they find Ender Wigan. Ender is the third child in his family. His brother and sister were both looked at to go into the army, but his brother Peter was too rough and mean, and his sister Valentine was too kind. Ender however was chosen after he beat up one of his bullies. In space he soon became the best soldier there was in his group of kids he was assigned to. Ender was moved from team to team because he kept improving until he was given his own. At the end of the book Ender realizes the Buggers are good so he helps them repopulate after he killed so many of them.

    Review: I over all enjoyed the book, however many parts of it were slow. Orson Scott Card really did well describing what the future would be like. Another thing I liked about this book is that the book isn’t just a science fiction book. It contains other genres such as action and suspense. This book really kept me on the edge of my seat and I would suggest it to anyone that likes science fiction novels.

    Rating: 4/5

    Recommendations: Speaker for the Dead, Ender’s Shadow

  2. Lee R. Says:

    Summary: Ender is a boy who gets chosen to go to military school by international military forces. Ender’s Game is set in the far future where the technology is far past the technology of today. The reason he was chosen was to try and save the world from destruction along with the other “geniuses”. Geniuses are children who are extremely smart and physically fit that go and learn how to fight and strategize in the current war earth is in. We are at war with “the Buggers”. Ender is the third child to be chosen to be a genius in his family. Ender’s brother Peter and sister Valentine were also up for the chance to be chosen, but neither of them was. Before Ender is chosen, he had to wear a monitor that allowed the military to see all things that Ender sees through his eyes. Peter is furious because he never had the monitor for as long as Ender, and eventually Ender is chosen and Peter never was. Peter says that he will never let that go. Ender then goes to battle school. Battle school is on a space ship far away from earth. There, Ender learns how to fight and strategize. Ender gets into fights, but handles his own very well. Ender is transferred from fleet to fleet, platoon to platoon and so on. Ender must learn how to get along with his peers and learn how to run a war. Ender meets new friends, as well as makes new enemies. He must grow and learn, and maybe he can win the war in the best way possible.

    Review: I enjoyed this book. It was very interesting to see Orson Card’s ideas of the future of earth, combat, and war in general. This book has good description as well as explanation. It has action and a lot of strategy. This book had a good mix of a lot of genres such as action, suspense, mystery, and many other genres that make up a really good book. I liked how they switched perspectives between characters, it added a lot to the book. It would be very interesting to be chosen to go to a military school and depended on to learn and eventually fight, in a war that is so different from the current wars of today. I recommend this page-turning book to any person who likes to read.

    Rank: 3.877575 Stars / 5 Stars

    Recommendations: Lone Survivor, The Dead, The Long Way Home, Savage Rule

  3. Kieran L. Says:

    Summary: Ender is an exceptionally smart boy and is chosen to join a training like facility for the military which spreads across the whole universe. At the school, people quickly realize Ender is the top dog, and he becomes the commander of his own “training” squad. Mazer Rackman is his mentor who guides him throughout. Ender makes some friends in the story and even kills some people.

    Review: This book was very good. I really enjoyed reading about the different skills Ender has. My favorite part was when he pushed that guys nose into his brain and he dies. The book had lots of action and had a great twist at the end. The second book about Bean was also good.

    Rating: 5/5

    Recommendations: Sabriel, Into the Wild, Battle Royale

  4. Tanner S. Says:

    Summary: The book Ender’s Game was thought up by Orson Scott Card. Ender’s Game takes place in the future where humans and an alien lifeform, called “the buggers,” have been at war for a long time. The two races have had two big wars, called the first and second invasion, and the humans are planning on having another invasion soon from the buggers. The book revolves around one main boy, and his name is Ender Wiggen. Ender was selected because he passed the test of becoming able to go into space and go to battle school and help in next up coming invasion. Ender accepts the offer and goes into space to go to battle school, and before he gets to school he is acting like his older brother. Ender goes to school and is isolated for some time but gets into trouble with the older boys there and hurts, hospitalizes, or kills them in self defense or by accident. Ender is pushed constantly through his schooling in battle school and never loses in any battle between the armies in the school. Ender is later sent to a planet called Eros and goes to Command school were he learns how to command and fight the buggers.

    Review: I liked this book. It was exciting, and I loved how it showed multiple views of what was happening around Ender and his family. This is book that is hard to put down because of the depth and excitement it goes into. For anyone who likes Sci-Fi books, this would be a good book to read.

    Rating: 5 Stars

    Recommendations: Ender’s Shadow, City of Ember

  5. Colin B. Says:

    Summary: Ender’s Game is about a child genius who is taken from his family to go up into space to a school made especially for geniuses like him. For the first half or so of the book, Ender is watched by unknown forces who are seeing what he is like. These unknown forces talk about needing a great tactical leader, and Ender appears to be their best bet. They put Ender through a lot of tests, most of which his comrades are not made to go through, to see if he is fit to be a leader and lead an entire fleet of ships to battle. I will let you read the book for yourself to figure out if he passes his final test or not and saves the day!

    Evaluation: Ender’s Game was an excellent read. It is written for a fairly young audience, but the ideas are big, so I think it would appeal to a large range of readers. I’ve wanted to read Ender’s Game for years now, and this gave me a nice chance to do so. I also like how easy it is to relate to the story with my own life, because of how it is written for almost any age. Over all, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to almost anyone, but mostly to people who are into adventure and Star Wars-type stories.

    Rating: 5/5

    Recommendations: Ender’s Shadow, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

  6. Doria N. Says:

    Summary: In a futuristic society, lies the story of a clever, cunning, and intelligent boy name Ender Wiggin. In this society, as a smart child watched from a very young age, Ender is selected for the great honor of going to Battle School. While there, Ender is placed on Salamander army, a group he’s in to duel other armies within the school. He is soon promoted to head of Dragon army, a new army of inexperienced students and yet continues to thrive. Ender’s intelligence helps him vastly as he works his way up the ladder through Battle School and on to the prestigious Command School. At Command School, Ender goes through grueling “Simulations” of battle against their main enemy, the buggers. In a particularly heated battle simulation, Ender makes choice that he knows is against the rules in attempt to be kicked out of command school. Instead of being reprimanded he is told the true gravity of his actions and is praised for his leadership.

    Review: I really enjoyed this book. The story line is engaging and interesting all the way through. I fell in love with the struggle Ender faces throughout the book, and his ability to keep going when things get tough. Ender’s character is forced into a society that pigeonholes its children, and ends up being lucky enough to climb to the top. I find that degree of drive very endearing. The ending of the book is somewhat surprising and the story really keeps you on your toes. Truly, a really great sci-fi book.

    Rating: *****5/5 stars*****

    Recommendations: Other books in the series, Speaker for the Dead, and The City of Ember.

  7. Kellen H. Says:

    Summary- Orson Scott Card did a fantastic job on this book; it’s about a little boy named Ender that is pretty much a genius and he is selected to become a person in the military. He builds a monitor to have the top military people wear and Valentine…it shows what he sees at all times. Now Peter hates Ender, and even when the monitor is taken out it does nothing to make Peter less angry.

    Review: Overall I think this book was great and had a lot of action packed scenes, also I could really picture all the graphics in my head because he did such a great job at descriptive word choice.

    Rating: 5 stars!

    Recommendations: Ender’s Shadow, and City of Ember

  8. Stephen K. Says:

    Summary: Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is an amazing book about a little kid named Ender. In this futuristic Sci-Fi adventure, Ender lives on a world where you can only have 2 children. At a very young age, they will be tested for Battle School, an international school for young kids who are near-genius, if not genius, and are physically adept. Depending on the scores from the children’s test, your parents may choose to have additional children. Ender’s Game is the first book in the series that also has a side series about another character called Bean. Ender is chosen to go to Battle School and becomes top of the class quickly. He graduates from his class and is placed in Salamander Army, one of the many armies in Battle School who play a scheduled game in zero gravity where your 5 people must reach the opposing army’s entrance gate. Ender is soon placed in Command School, the most prestigious school, where the future commanders of Earth’s world are trained. When assigned to Command School, the new student is assigned to an older student as a roommate and for help. Without realizing it, Ender is assigned to Mazer Rackham, the person who defeated the Bugger’s, the alien race the students are being trained to fight, during the First Invasion. Ender is trained under Mazer’s watchful eye, and soon placed in another simulation game with his jeesh (crew) of characters throughout the book who have helped him.

    Review: This book is amazing. This story has many aspects of adventure, suspense, danger, and one of my favorites when done correctly, gangs. He mostly changes between two perspectives; one of Ender and one of Ender’s first instructor when he entered Battle School. This book is easy to keep track of and has good sequels. If you enjoy sci-fi, I would highly recommend this book.

    Rating: 5/5

    Recomendations: Ender’s Shadow and Speaker for the Dead.

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