One Whole and Perfect Day, Judith Clarke


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  1. Renee G. Says:

    Summary: Within the book you take on the prespectives of Lily (the main character), Marigold (Lily’s mom), Lonnie (Lily’s older brother), Stan (Lily’s grandfather), May (Lily’s grandmother), Clara (Lonnie’s girlfriend), Rose (Clara’s mother), Jessaline (Clara’s “roommate”), Charlie Lee (Clara’s father), and Daniel Steadman (Lily’s crush and schoolmate). Lily is the sensible one in the family, her brother is in college, her mom works with old folks and brings them home, her grandparents live up in the hills. May wants to have a party that is one whole and perfect day. Stan forced Lonnie into going back to college and they aren’t speaking to each other. Lonnie then meets Clara, she also had family issues causing her to go to college. Stan meets Rose but they don’t know how close they’ll end up being. And in the end it all comes together.

    Evaluation: I enjoyed this book for the most part aside from the fact that the prespectives change without warning so it might take a moment to discover who’s prespective your reading.

    Reccomendations: The Hunger Games, Monster High, Nightlight

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