The Host, Stephenie Meyer


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3 Responses to “The Host, Stephenie Meyer”

  1. Nicole D. Says:

    This book takes place in an alternate universe where aliens attempt to take over the planet by occupying different bodies. While most humans do not resist, Melanie does. Melanie fights and refuses to give in. Melanie also realizes that she and her soul can communicate and become close. But they also end up falling for the same guy, which causes some bumpy problems. Now Melanie only wants one more thing, the soul out of her body, and if she doesn’t get it, she will reveal a secret that could change everything.

    Evaluation: I really enjoyed this book. It was a twist for sure, and it kept you interested. It is unlike any book you will ever read and the surprises will shock you.

    Rating: 4 Stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, Twilight Series, and Harry Potter

  2. Tarryn B. Says:

    Summary: The Host is about an alien race called Souls who kind of take over planet Earth. One soul has previously inhabited many bodies (including a spider creature and a dragon creature and a long-living seaweed plant…) has decided to live its next life in the body of a human host. The host body, Melanie, refuses to give over her conciousness to the soul. Melanie is from a group of rebel humans who resisted the souls when they took over the bodies of most of the human race. The soul, named Wanderer, is curious about the memories that Melanie shows her and decides to go searching for the group of rebels. Once Wanderer/Melanie found the rebel group, they had trouble accepting her, but they did eventually. Wanderer came to be known as “Wanda” by the rebel group. Two of the rebel boys (Jared and Ian) fall in love with Wanda…well, one falls in love with Wanda and the other with Melanie. It was complicated. In the end Wanda gives up Melanie’s body, but instead of letting her soul die she is put into another human’s body by the Doc. After Melanie and Wanda have separated themselves, the rebels encounter another group of humans – who also have a soul living with them! It suggests that humanity can get along with the souls despite their differences.

    Evaluation: I really liked this book because it was very original and though its by the author of the Twilight books (aka REALLY bad books) it was creative and edgy. There was a lot of action involved in the plot, which kept it interesting.

    Rating: Four stars

    Reccomendations: Harry Potter (series) The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, The Night Circus.

  3. Rylee D. Says:

    Summary: This book takes place in an alternative world where souls take over the human race and occupy their bodies. Some humans can resist, and this is exactly what Melanie does. She and the soul that’s trying to take over her body become unlikely friends. The soul goes over to the human’s side of the war and helps the few humans that are left. There is one problem, Melanie and the soul are both in love with the same guy, but along with loving Melanie’s perfect boyfriend, the soul has fallen for another man too. The soul realizes that she can’t stay. She tells the humans the secret to winning the war and getting rid of the souls. The only catch is that she demands that they remove her from her host body as well. They keep their side of the bargain, and remove the soul from Melanie’s body.

    Evaluation: I loved this book. A lot of it was very unexpected, including the ending. This book was intense, and I’m happy with all of it. If you liked the Twilight series, then you’ll love this too.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Lock and Key, My Sister’s Keeper, and The Hunger Games

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