Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell


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4 Responses to “Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell”

  1. Anna Z. Says:

    Summary: A girl named Karana has been stranded on an island after being in a shipwreck. She ends up living on this island for quite some time due to the fact that nobody has rescued her. The island happens to look like an enormous fish! The island is swarmed with other Indians who have lived there for many years surviving. Karana faces difficulties with the island when she learns that she and her brother need food and a home to live in. This causes Karana to bring out her Indian survival instincts. She builds a good quality shelter and struggles to find food because of wild dogs who are also trying to survive.

    Evaluation: I found this book to be a really quick read that altogether was pretty boring for me. Even though I enjoyed the point of the whole book, the way the author writes it was not very interesting.

    Rating: Two stars!

    ~The Memory Daughter’s Keeper

  2. Renee G. Says:

    Summary: The story takes place on the island of the blue dolphins where an Indian tribe lives. There comes a day when the Aleuts come to hunt for otter, and once they leave, they kill some of the tribe. Later that year a ship came to take the tribe to another island close by. But Karana (the main character) was left behind with her brother Ramo. Later, he gets killed by a pack of wild dogs. Karana decides she will kill the dogs for revenge. When Karana goes to kill the leader of the pack she ends up caring for it and becoming friends with him. She waits many years to be taken to the other island but no one comes for a very long time.

    Evaluation: I found this quite an easy read. It was enjoyable but some of the time changes were quicker than they seemed they should’ve been. It was also quite enjoyable because of the image description.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Suggestions: Gossip Girl, The Frenzy, Vintage Veronica

  3. Briana B. Says:

    Karana is a young Indian girl who lives happily with her tribe on the island of the blue dolphins. When the Aleut people arrive, they cheat the Indians out of their food and money. The Indians and Aleuts disagree and fighting breaks out. Many people are killed including Karana’s father. Soon after, a different ship comes to transport all of the Indians to America, however Karana’s brother misses the ship. Karana refused to leave without him and jumps off the boat to stay with her brother. When her brother is killed, Karana is left to defend herself from wild dogs, the elements, and starvation.

    This was not my favorite book. I think the book was too slow in the beginning and I was not hooked after reading five chapters. The plot lacked action and interesting dialogue. The book picked up slightly after Karana was abandoned on the island. Overall, I didn’t like this book and would not recommend it to my peers.

    Rating: 2 stars

    Other books I enjoyed:
    Children of the River
    The Giver
    Animal Farm

  4. Owen J. Says:

    Summary: A young girl named Karana (Wonapalei) lives on an island, in a native village with her father, brother, and tribe. Hunters come to the island with permission to hunt otter in exchange for some goods. But when the hunters refuse to pay, a fight erupts, killing Karana’s father and many others. The tribe leaves the island but Karana has to go back and get her brother, Ramo. The ship departs without them, leaving her and Ramo on the island alone. Ramo is later killed by a pack of dogs. Now Karana is the only one on the island. She has to fend for herself and try hard to make her life the way she wants it. Eventually, after all the sadness, loneliness, and bravery, a ship comes to rescue her and take her to the mainland. The only person she could’ve saved was herself, which she did.

    Evaluation: This was actually one of the best books I have ever read. It really shows how no matter how lonely, sad, or courageous you are, you could never survive an experience like Karana’s. To be honest, it was mostly sad. What I liked most about it was its never-ending action and heartbreak that pulls you in.

    Rating: 5/5

    Suggestions: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Scat, Hatchet.

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