The Highest Tide, Jim Lynch


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  1. Summer Z. Says:

    Summary: The Highest Tide is a thrilling story about the adventures of an underdog to rise to the top. This story takes place here, in none other than the Northwest. Miles O’Malley is a natural underdog, being as short as he is. One night he finds that he can’t sleep, and decides to go beach hunting. He finds something beached. It was a giant squid: the largest in existence, right here in the Puget Sound. Suddenly, Miles is seeing himself on T.V. regularly, and people are dying to meet the famous Miles O’Malley. But with his parents divorcing, his friends being even more un-loyal than usual, and the girl he loves becoming an emotional drug addict, Miles wants to hide in a corner for the rest of his life. Soon, a large earthquake strikes leaving the town paralyzed with fear. Not to mention the mud crabs coming by the millions, digging tunnels deep underground causing sinkholes and the deep sea rag fish surfacing, dead, with suction marks all over its body. But was it really Miles, was he something special, or was it just a chain of natural disasters?

    Evaluation: I loved how this book was written to take place in the Puget Sound, an area very familiar to me. The book was crammed full of marine biology facts which made it all the more interesting. I love that Jim Lynch could make the boringness of the marine biology aspect come to life with the science fiction aspect to the book.

    Rating: 3 stars

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