Twisted, Laurie Halse Anderson



4 Responses to “Twisted, Laurie Halse Anderson”

  1. Katie K. Says:

    Senior Tyler Miller used to be the guy who faded into the background, just an average student, with average looks, and an average dysfunctional family. Since he got busted for doing graffiti on the school, and spent the summer doing outdoor work to pay for it, everyone now knows who he is. His new physique attracts the attention of “queen bee” Bethany Milbury, who just happens to be his father’s boss’s daughter, the sister of his biggest enemy, and also Tyler’s secret crush. That sets off a string of events and changes that have Tyler questioning his place in the school, in his family, and in the world.

    I enjoyed this book very much. The story captured my attention very quickly and managed to make me laugh within the first chapter. This was a very quick read, and I believe whoever else reads this book will enjoy it as much as I did.

    Rating: 4.5/5 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

  2. Megan W. Says:

    Summary: Tyler’s senior year is like a roller coaster because of a stupid thing he did at the end of junior year. He ends up liking his dad’s boss’ daughter, who ended up being his enemy’s sister. Her name was Bethany Milbury. He has the best times of his life and the absolute worst time. He has to deal with family, Yoda, grades, and trying to get Bethany.

    Evaluation: This book was a great book until the end. The plot kept you reading and reading. I like when the ending doesn’t leave you making up your own ending. The ending in this book is kind of stupid and random and nothing you expect. She makes you wonder what happened after you finished the book. She left me with so many questions mainly,”Why would he do that?” The author throws in random things to keep you intrested, but I think that it just didn,t flow well. Other than that, I thought it was a great book. If there were another book like it, I would most likely read it.

    Rating: 5/5 (until the ending). Then it turned to a 4/5.

  3. Desirae D. Says:

    Summary:The book Twisted is about Tyler Miller and his life. Tyler used to be a boy that kept quiet until he vandilized school property and had gotten arrested. Tyler had to start turning his life around for him to prove to his dad he was able to go back to school. He changes his looks and starts loving Bethany Millbury. Then his life takes another turn for the worst, and with all the rumors going around, people assume it’s him starting it, because he is a troubled kid.

    Evaluation: I like the book, but sometimes it was really confusing. Now that I’ve gotten further in the book, I’m understanding it more. Question: Whats the point of putting Tyler in Study Hall as his punishment? He still is in the school where kids can look at him funny. The more I got into the book, the more I understood the book. But some sections really confuse me. Like when the principal thought Tyler started the rumors and they talked about his probation officer, were they going to put him back in jail? Were they thinking about it? If they were going to put him back in jail, would they find out who actually started the rumors?

    I think this book is just like Speak; you get all excited for something to happen and nothing really happens. It’s not getting interesting.

    Rating: 2.5/5

    Recommendations: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

  4. Jin B. Says:

    Summary: Twisted is a book about Tyler Miller. He is a normal teen aged nerdy boy, and then everything gets turned upside down. Tyler gets arrested because he defiled school property; he starts working out, then earns the affection of one of the most popular girls in his school because of his new look. Suddenly, his good life all goes downhill because of some rumors. Will Tyler be able to figure it out? This is a story of a teenaged guy trying to cope with his new life.

    Evaluation: This is a great book; it manages to capture all of what teenage life is like and all the complicated struggles. I think that any teenager who likes action-ish books should read this. Anderson is very good at making everything descriptive and can put the image of the scenes into your head.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

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