Othello, William Shakespeare

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3 Responses to “Othello, William Shakespeare”

  1. Jake K. Says:

    Summary: Shakespeare sets Othello, after the Moor Othello denies Iago, his standard bearer, lieutenancy. Enraged, Iago sets off to destroy Othello’s life by twisting his image of Desdemona, Othello’s wife. Iago torments Othello with false accounts of lustful affairs between Desdemona and his lieutenant Cassio. No longer able to trust his wife Desdemona, Othello turns. Like a wildfire Othello burns everything and everyone in his path and everyone’s lives are changed.

    Evaluation: Although not current, Shakespeare’s Othello, validates the opinion many literary critics hold of it being an epic. With rich dialogue and a compelling story, Othello is a book that must be read at least once in a lifetime.

    Rating: 4 stars

    If you enjoy this book, I would recommend Julius Caesar and Oedipus.

  2. Jaleel W. Says:

    Summary: The Tragedy of Othello by William Shakespeare tells the tale of a dark skinned general who marries a white Venetian lady, with much controversy. That is not all the drama, however, for in the process of people turning against Othello he also gained enemies of his own soldiers, most notably Iago. Iago is the snake in the book, causing trouble because he was not promoted to lieutenant as he was convinced he earned that rank. Instead, Cassio was given that title. Iago then conspires many devious ways to try and get Othello killed or stripped of his title. When trying to undermine Othello did not work, Iago used Cassio to kill two birds with one stone. He conspires a plot that would get both Othello and Cassio killed, and this plan was to target Othello’s beloved wife. After tireless efforts to convince Othello finally prevailed, he wrongfully accuses his wife of cheating and the drama climaxes quickly.

    Evaluation: The book teaches you that no one should use emotions over logic, because in the process you could destroy relationships or lives. I think the book was above average, and the old English style is moderately interesting. I shall givith thine book a 3 out of 5 stars… and if you like this read the other Shakespeare books they seem to all follow a similar theme (Caesar, Hamlet, etc.).

  3. Kyle B. Says:

    Summery: In this piece of Shakespeare are there is a man named Iago. Iago was supposed to be promoted to a higher postion in the military. But Othello (General) promoted Cassio instead. This angered Iago. So Iago hatches a scheme with his friend a Venetian Gentleman named Rodrigo. Their plan was to somehow strip Cassio of his postion so that Iago can take his place. But, with the Turkish fleet threating Cypress, Othello and his wife and other military members must travel to Cypress.

    Evaluation: I liked the book. Overall, the book was well written, but one problem that I had, besides that it was in “old English” was that is was pretty slow moving. I believe that this book would be better if the author sped some things up.

    Recommendations: Caesar and Brave New World

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