The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini

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  1. Malia P. Says:

    Summary: The Kite Runner is a story about a young boy named Amir, who lives in Afghanistan with his father. Ali and Hassan both serve Amir and his family. Hassan and Amir have been friends since they were young, but as time passes they begin to drift apart because of the class differences, among other things. As things get progressively worse in Afghanistan, Amir and his father move to America. Later in life, Amir goes back to Afghanistan feeling guilty about how he let other people treat Hassan.

    Evaluation: I personally really enjoyed this book. It was very well written and definitely kept you interested. While reading the book, it also gave you an idea about what it was like in Afghanistan around that time.

    Rating: I would rate this book a 5/5

    Recommendations: Looking for Alaska, Room and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime

  2. WILLIAM M. Says:

    The Kite Runner is a very good book about the struggles that a boy and his father have while escaping Afghanistan. The boy, Amir is forced to flee his homeland because Russia invades Afghanistan. Amir’s family has to start a new life in San Francisco. The author, Khaled Hosseini, has a very unique sense of writing that shows in this book.

    Evaluation: I personally think that this book, the pacing in this book is very good, it doesn’t move too fast and if focuses on the hardships and shows the transition between Afghanistan and America. I am interested now in reading some other books by this author.

    Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

    Recommendations: Things Fall Apart, City of Ember.

  3. Ella M. Says:

    Summary: The Kite Runner is an inspiring story told by the main character; Amir. He describes his childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan where he lived with his Baba and Hassan, who served his family. Jumping to the future, Amir returns to Afghanistan in hoping to relieve his guilt of what he let happen to Hassan in their childhood. His mission is to save Hassan’s little boy from the Taliban in order to repay him.

    Evaluation: I really enjoyed this book. It is a page turner and a heart wrencher. Has a wonderful plot that gives us insight on that time and what Kabul was like.

    Rating: 5/5, I would definitely recommend this book! Super enjoyable to read and very entertaining and informational.

    Recommendations: 1491 before Columbus, Life of Pi, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

  4. Allison R. Says:

    Summary: The beginning of the book starts off as the reader having many questions, like who the narrator is and where he came from. We learn that Amir is the narrator and that he is sharing his childhood experiences and how it made him who he is today. Growing up in Afghanistan in the 1970’s was rough for him and his family as new political systems were being enforced. Amir and his father flee the country and head to the United States to try and start a new life and leave the past behind, but find out a piece of them still lives in their home town of Kabul.

    Evaluation: The author does a phenomenal job at story telling by retelling his past childhood events and how it is important in his life and made him who he is. This book may be sad and hard to read for some, but it also is empowering to see how Amir and his family overcame challenges and set backs to become free people.

    Rating: I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it was a very detailed book to read that made it feel like I was actually watching Amir’s life happen in front of me.

    Looking for Alaska, My Side of the Mountain, 1491 before Columbus.

  5. Linh H. Says:

    Summary: An amazing story about two boys takes place in Afghanistan then gradually changes to America due to war. Amir and Hassan, were friends with each other since birth, but unfortunately the friendship deteriorated as time passed. Numerous horrible events that linked up to each other portrayed the concept of karma, guilt, and redemption.

    Evaluation: It’s a really good book with a heart-twisting-touchy plot and amazing writing style with ohmygoodness adjectives. A must-read before you die.

    Rating: 5/5

    Looking for Alaska – John Green.
    Zoya’s StoryTuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

  6. Tess F. Says:

    Summary: The story is told from Amir, the narrator’s point of view. He grows up in Kabul, Afghanistan with Hassan, a Hazara boy, who serves his family. Throughout the book, Amir seeks forgiveness of what he had done to Hassan on that winter day. In order to be released from the guilt, he finally returns to his country, which is faced with a dramatic change from the Afghanistan that he knew from childhood.

    Evaluation: The author’s amazing skill of story telling and the sad but true reality of Afghanistan makes this book engaging, haunting, and exciting all at the same time. The brotherhood of the two Afghan boys reminds of the importance of happiness and peace, but it is soon destroyed by the war. I think everyone who cares about the world we live in should learn about what’s happening on the other side of the world, and The Kite Runner is a perfect book for that.

    Stars: 5 out of 5

    Recommendations: The Thousand Splendid Suns, Woman Warrior, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

  7. Katie A. Says:

    The Kite Runner is a well written book. In the book, there are a lot of up and downs to read throughout it. The kite flying is unique, because that is a cultural thing that they do. When Amir wins the competition he receives gifts from everyone around town. He got a radio, train set, envelopes of money, a watch, a bike, and his most favorite gift was the leather notebook. He didn’t care for any of the other gifts. Later in the book, Amir and Baba run away to America for a while because of the Russians. Baba dies later on because of cancer.

    I didn’t really like the book, because it was difficult for me to read. With it being so long, I got bored with it. I did like how they have the kite flying competitions but that there is glass on the strings of the kite. It is just unsafe to me. Once a kite falls, you don’t know where it could land. Parts of the book were also somewhat hostile. I don’t really get the book because a lot of the words were weird and hard to understand. If I paid attention to the book, I might have understood it a lot more.

  8. Angelo E-Z. Says:

    The Kite Runner is a very well written book. I can say there are a lot of different directions that this book goes in, and there are a lot of ups which includes the winning of the kite tournament and also meeting new friends and exploring new places. But the book definitely had its fair share of downs, but the ones that I found most sad and devastating were the tragic rape of Hassan and also the death of Baba (from cancer).

    Overall, I think the book is a good book; it kept me intrigued and engaged through a lot of the book, because there was always some type of surprising twist taking place. As for the rating of The Kite Runner : I will give it about a 4/5, because I felt as if there could have been a little more detail added to certain parts of the book. But for the most part it was interesting which is why I rated it so high.

  9. Oliver D. Says:

    Summary: The Kite Runner is a story about a boy named Amir. Amir lives an extraordinary life where he witness numerous unthinkable horrors. From rape to ruthless attacks conducted by the Taliban, Amir experiences are nothing short of disturbing.

    Evaluation: I found The Kite Runner to be a very good book. However, if you enjoy stories filled with happiness, this book is not for you. Overall, I would recommend this book because it showcases the hardships of a boy growing up in very interesting times.

    Rating: Overall, I would give The Kite Runner 4 stars.

    1984Q & A

  10. Reed W. Says:

    Summary: The Kite Runner is a very well written book about the struggles and hardships that a boy and his father go through while escaping Afghanistan. The boy in this story, Amir is forced to flee his homeland when Russia invades Afghanistan. The family is then forced to start a new life in San Francisco. The author, Khaled Hosseini, is a fantastic writer and this book is proof enough.

    Evaluation: I think this is one of the very best novels I have ever read. The true hardships that the characters experience and much deal with are truly felt by the reader. The portrayal of the very different cultures in America and Afghanistan are elaborated upon to the fullest extent.

    Rating: 5 Stars

    Recommendations: The Broker, The Things They Carried.

  11. Jack C. Says:

    Summary: The Kite Runner is a story about a boy named Amir from Afghanistan. He talks about growing up, betrayal, and redemption. It also tells the story of the culture of Afghanistan and how it has changed. At the beginning Amir is unsure about life but by the end he begins to understand more about his life and the lives of his best friend and father.

    Evaluation: I thought this was a really good book. The pacing was well done and you could really tell the author was pouring out all of his feelings into the book. I thought that the rape scene was a little awkward, but other than that the book was well done. I might read to other books that he has written.

    Stars: 3.5 out of 5

    Recommendations: Angela’s Ashes, Cry the Beloved Country, and Things Fall Apart

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