Fathers and Sons, Ivan Turgenev



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  1. Cole P. Says:

    Summary: Fathers and Sons is a book about people in Russia who have complicated friendships. They argue and then they make up and their lives go on. Eventually Pavel and Bazarov get in a duel, with pistols, and Pavel is wounded and loses the duel. Meanwhile Arkady and Katya fall in love and get engaged. Bazarov performs an autopsy and he can’t keep his mind on his work, so he fails to follow the correct procedures and contracts a deadly disease. While Bazarov is dying he has time to tell Anna Odintsov how beautiful she is. Arkady marries Katya and she takes over her father’s business. Arkady’s father, Nikolai Kirsanov marries Fenichka Nikolayevna.

    Review: This book was interesting at some parts, but it was mostly a love story. Overall it was a good book. I had to read the play version of the book by Brian Friel, so it was missing action based text and was mostly words. That made it difficult to understand what was going on at most of the time. And some characters were named with their last names and some of them were related, so the names were the same. That made it very difficult to tell, at times, who was talking.

    Stars: ★★★★☆

    Recommendations: Winterdance, and The Hunger Games

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