Catch-22, Joseph Heller


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  1. Morgan C. Says:

    The main character in this book is Yossarian, who is in the Air Force during World War II. Yossarian is very angry, because his life is always in danger and it is in no way his fault. All he wants to do is survive the war, so he tries to be in the hospital as often and as long as possible by faking illness and injuries. Catch-22 is a rule that is described in different ways throughout the book. It is always a little bit different but the main idea is that it is a paradox. For example, according to Catch-22, you can leave the military if you claim to be insane, but if you do that then you have proven your sanity because anyone who would do that to avoid flying bombing missions is obviously sane. In the end of the book Yossarian refuses to fly another mission and instead walks the streets of Rome. When the colonels find him they give him the choice to be honorably discharged if he agrees that other pilots must fly 80 missions. Yossarian doesn’t chose any of their options and instead flees to Sweden.

    I thought this was a great book, although it was hard to follow at some times. It’s completely ridiculous, but in the end it makes a lot of sense. The reason it was so hard to follow was because the author has a very strange sense of humor, making all of the characters completely insane. Their actions seem completely irrational, but if you think about it differently they are actually very logical. The parts of the book that had to do with logical paridoxes were a lot of fun to read. It’s impressive that this book was able to add a phrase to the English language, and I’m glad to know exactly what that phrase means.

    Rating: 4/5 stars

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