Life of Pi, Yann Martel

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  1. Anna C. Says:

    Summary: Piscine Molitor Patel has a fascinating childhood. His family owns the Pondicherry Zoo in India, where he knows and is rightly afraid of the animals. When his family makes the decision to move to Canada, they sell their animals. Those animals being sent to North America travelled on the same boat as the people. In a freak accident, the boat sank, and only Pi survived along with a few dangerous animals. Now Pi must face the dangers of the high seas by himself – and with a tiger.

    Evaluation: It’s a true story! Whoa! Although Life of Pi can get confusing at times, it truly is a fascinating story. There is no predicting what will happen when a boy and a fully grown tiger are, for once in their lives, in the same boat. I highly recommend reading Life of Pi. To everybody.

    Rating: 5 stars

    Suggestions: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Autobiography of a Face, The Poisonwood Bible

  2. Anna Z. Says:

    Summary: The Life of Pi is about a young boy named Pi Patel. He is a very intelligent guy who knows a lot about animals, zoos, and religions. Pi Patel is very religious; he himself is Christian and Islamic. His family has complete ownership of a zoo, which is probably where Pi gets all his pursuit of knowledge towards Zoology. Later in the book, Pi and his family pack up all the animals from their zoo and travel overseas. During their expedition, an unfortunate occurrence happened involving a shipwreck. The only survivors are Pi, a half dead Zebra, a turtle, and a hungry tiger.

    Commentary: Although I normally would not gravitate towards picking up this book, it was surprisingly good. The ending was really depressing, but their journey was really exciting to read about.

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Suggestions: Speak, Series of Unfortunate Events.

  3. Sarabeth P. Says:

    Summary~ The Life of Pi is the story of a young Indian boy who grows up with his father, mother, and younger brother. His family owns and runs the local zoo, and Pi learns all about all the different animals. He studies three different religions while he is India and decides not to choose just one. Once the trouble begins in India, Pi’s family decides to move to Canada. They board a Japanese ship and head off. Part way through their journey the ship takes a turn for the worse and Pi finds himself on a life boat without his family, escaping from a sinking ship with only a tiger, zebra, and orangutan for company. Eventually only the tiger, Richard Parker, is left and Pi has found numerous ways to separate himself from RP. Pi also learns to live off the ocean for food and the rain for water. They travel without knowing what is to become of them…

    Commentary~ I really enjoyed this book partly because it did not have a happy ending. So many books somehow work out perfectly in the end, but Life of Pi is kind of bittersweet. He is safe and rescued, and Richard Parker went off to live with his own kind, but you know that his family is dead and that he is alone in the world not knowing where he is and what he should do. Also I think it would be really cool to do some survive on your own adventure like that but maybe not as long or hardcore! Pi is really brave for being so young, but maybe having worked with animals his whole childhood helped with Richard Parker. The island truly does not make sense to me. But other than that I found this book really exciting and very energetic and just fun to read! If you like adventure stories, you should definitely read this amazing book by Yann Martel!

    Rating~ 5 stars

    Suggestions~ Three Cups of Tea, Summerland, Chasing Vermeer, The God of Small Things

  4. Christopher N. Says:

    Summary: A boy named Pi lives in India with his parents. Motivated by the political issues in his country, his parents decided to move to Canada in 1977. They travel by cargo ship with other passengers, along with hundreds of cages filled with animals from his father’s zoo. In part two of the book, the ship is beginning to sink. Pi is desperately trying to cling to a lifeboat while telling a tiger, Richard Parker, to join him. He then realizes the horrible mistake he made; he brought a living animal aboard his little lifeboat. At sea he lives off of canned water and filtered sea water as he provides for the tiger and trains him in their endless days at sea. They wash up on a peculiar island that has no soil for vegetation to grow…

    Evaluation: I thought that this book was interesting yet boring at parts. The book was extremely well written but repeated the same things over and over. “I mean we know he is in the sea, so how could we make that more interesting?” I would think as I read this book. I liked the plot of the book as mysterious events happened like the island and the blind man. My favorite character was the tiger because it saved Pi and became his companion for a long time. I would wonder if they both had a special tick that could allow them to know what they were saying. I liked this book for the interesting story line but would not recommend this book to people.

    Rating: 3/5 STARS

    Recommendations: Harry Potter series

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