Dracula, Bram Stoker


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  1. Wilson H. Says:

    The classic thriller opens on a solicitor in training out abroad, hoping to convince an old count to move to England. From the first night in Transylvania, his venture is doomed. A perilous trip filled with ghastly hallucinations and spectral wolves lands him at the manor of Count Dracula, where his horrors are only beginning. His premonitions and doubt start soon after arrival. Next, cabin fever and its mind melting numbness arrive to stretch taut the string of his sanity. Sightings of strange acts and cursed ladies push him over the edge, culminating in his desperate attempts at escape. As the book goes on, the plot twists from vain, useless attempts to save and protect from the vampire to a truly thrilling tale of revenge, redemption and the triumph of good over evil.

    Before reading this, I had a very different mindset about vampires. My perspective was tainted with the un-appealing, weak, emotional, non-canonical vampire (if I can call it by that name) of the Twilight variety, which left a bitter reading in my soul. Dracula was a great relief from such blasphemy, providing the sheer terror of a good monster-style folk tale in long form. Admittingly the plot was stop-start at times, but trudging through it was worth the read. The farther you venture into the depths of this book, the more horrific it gets.

    RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

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