The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, Barry Lyga

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One Response to “The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, Barry Lyga”

  1. Stephen K. Says:

    Summary: I think The Astonishing Adventures Of Fanboy And Gothgirl is a terrible book. This book has no climax until the last ten pages and then it resolves. Barry Lyga barely gives the characters any depth. The only slightly decent thing he did in this book is give the characters the slightest backstory which involves their relationship with parents and nothing else. This story follows the overly used cliché of having the main character be an unpopular kid. Nine times out of ten in a high school book the main character will be a unpopular kid or a kid with very few friends and half the time that kid is/was a friend of a very popular kid, the sibling to that kid, or the unpopular kid and popular kid become great friends. Very rarely does this happen in an actually school because a popular kid is popular because he or she is good at what is popular and the unpopular kid is not good at it and usually won’t enjoy the popular thing, and because of that there is little common ground for friendship. The plot of this book is terrible; the last quarter of it has the only interesting parts (two or three depending on how you count) unless you count Fanboy and Gothgirl talking about his comic and Fanboy going to one, count ‘em, one, party and kissing his crush. This book tells of Fanboy and Gothgirl and how Fanboy is writing his comic. That is it. That is the entire book except for the last quarter where he…

    Evaluation: I thought nothing of this book. This book isn’t just bad, it doesn’t stimulate your mind, it doesn’t make you think beyond thinking what is currently going on is sad, cool, funny, etc. A book should make you think, deepen your intellect, sharpen your wits, teach you something new, or at least make you remember something. Each book I’ve read recently I can tell you at least three things I got from it, while this book I can tell you one: this book sucks.

    Rating: 1/5 (and that’s being generous).

    Recommendations: Definitely not the sequel, Gothgirl Rising. If you want a story in same high school scenario that’s written well and is good, Deadline, by Chris Crutcher. If you want something that is light, easy to read, and somewhat humorous, that still is about school, any of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid is better than this, Diary of a Wimpy Kid even has a better plot.

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