Autobiography of a Face, Lucy Grealy

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  1. Renee G. Says:

    Summary: This is a story about a girl named Lucy Grealy. At age nine she was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a third of her jaw removed. Throughout the story you read about the way she was treated and how she thought she was ugly for her difference. She has many surguries to try to make her face look “normal” but eventually she realizes she can accept herself how she is.

    Evaluation: Autobiography of a Face is a good book. It isn’t very happy, but it was written from prespective and gives the reader a sense of what it can be like to be bullied for your looks, which is something you can’t change easily.

    Rating: 4/5 stars

    Recommendations: A Mango Shaped Space, The Wednesday Wars

  2. Amaya J. Says:

    Summary: Autobiography of a Face is about a young girl named Lucy who is diagnosed with cancer after a tragic dodgeball accident. After numerous surgeries she has to get one third of her jaw removed. As she goes back to school, she has to find out who her true friends are. She has to go through mean kids and taunting to find out who her friends really are. When she went to college, she was finally accepted for who she was and not what she looked like.

    Evalutation: I liked this book. Although it was sad, it was well-written. I think Lucy Grealy did a really great job at expressing her emotions through words. I recommend this book if you like sad books about cancer.

    Rating: 4 Stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter Series, Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep.

  3. Latisha J. Says:

    Summary: This book is about a girl who is diagnosed with cancer at nine years old. She had to get a third of her jaw removed and was left with an abnormal looking face she felt everyone constantly stared at. From multiple recovery surgeries in attempt to make her look a little more normal, she goes through taunts and teases of others. She is so insecure about it that she doesn’t give herself a chance to experience love until college arrives. Overtime, she goes through all kinds of phases desperately hoping for something good to come out of it.

    Evaluation: I enjoyed this book for the most part, except that it was more of her talking about her life and not really expressing much of her feelings. It was a very interesting and detailed story overall. It was also somewhat challenging as well. She seems to have included just about every detail in as short and efficient way possible. This is what makes it challenging, because she really gets to the point as soon as possible, but in a way, it’s a good challenge. It shows that she really has been through a lot and she has her own interesting way of dealing with it.

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: Tuesdays with Morrie and Don’t Eat This Book.

  4. Mariah M. Says:

    Summary: When playing dodgeball in P.E., Lucy Grealy was hit with such force that she was knocked to the cement ground and broke her jaw. Later, when she went to the doctor’s office, she had a third of her jaw removed. This resulted in all her classmates constantly taunting her. Not only had a third of her jaw been removed, but the doctors also discovered that she had a potentially terminal cancer. Lucy shares her feelings in this autobiography of how she wished she could’ve had a normal face and been loved for who she was. And she finds when nothing else could possibly go wrong or get worse, they do.

    Evaluation: This book did not stand out to me at all. I didn’t really find it intriguing, and it was very blunt. It never really explained or gave details or emotions. Personally, this seemed more of a summary of a book than an actual book.

    Rating: 2.5 stars

    Recommendations: The Glass Castle and Fly Girl

  5. Hattie N. Says:

    Summary: Autobiography of a Face, by Lucy Grealy, follows the troubled life of Lucy and her family. From a young age, Lucy found herself undergoing many surgerys because of (what she didn’t know at the time to be) cancer. Throughout her life she experiences pain, death, love, and what it feels like to not fit in. This story shows how she controls her emotions and gives an inspiring story to any struggling child.

    Evaluation: I thought this book was ok. To me, this whole book seemed like a summary of a much larger, better story. It is a somewhat sad life that she holds, and as a reader I would normally thrive on this. However, she never goes into much emotion and skips around in times of her life a lot. I think this book could be much better if she added a little more life and feeling to it.

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games (the series), The Secret Life of Bees, Three Little Words, etc.

  6. Adam E. Says:

    Summary: This story is the autobiography of Lucy Grealy, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma that severely affected her face at age nine. Throughout the book she explains in detail what it is like to live with cancer. She also talks about how she overcomes her insecuritites and learns how to deal with the taunts of her classmates. For years, Lucy couldn’t get over the thought that she was ugly, but in the end, she realized she was nothing but different.

    Evaluation: Overall, Autobiography of a Face was alright, although the book is a little sad throughout. At times, the book jumped a couple years back and forth, so it could be hard to understand, but it is definitely worth reading.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, The Outsiders.

  7. Michaela B. Says:

    Summary: Autobiography of a Face, written by Lucy Grealy, is about her experience with cancer. She got cancer when she was only nine years old (from getting hit in the jaw). Since it was in her jaw, they ended up having to remove it. This story tells about how Lucy was treated from her peers and people in the town and how her life was altered from the cancer. All she wants is to be pretty and normal again. She gets many surgeries to try and fix her face. After a few she finally realizes that her looking like she used to won’t happen, and being pretty isn’t what life is all about

    Evaluation: The book was alright. I thought it would be a lot better. I don’t really like autobiographies I decided. This book is really sad. It’s depressing to read, but it does tell a good story, and you get a lot of information on how a person with cancer actually feels. This book has a lot of description. Grealy does a really good job of making you realize how bad it sucks to have cancer.

    Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

    Recommendations: My Sister’s Keeper, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and Holes

  8. Anna C. Says:

    Summary: Lucy Grealy is an ordinary little 9-year-old girl until she gets hit in the face one day. After the incident, cancer is discovered in half of her jaw. The section is removed, and with it, as the chemotherapy and radiation therapy progress, her self esteem. As she fights the passive battle for her life, a winner will emerge – but whom?

    Evaluation: This book could be just another cancer story. It isn’t. Lucy Grealy so vividly describes the ordeals that she encounters that it’s impossible to not share in her pain. Granted, her pain gets boring sometimes, but then BAM! you get right into it with more horrendously heartbreaking details. Overall, the book is totally predictable and certainly not adventurous, yet still gripping and worth reading. It’s a story of a life.

    Rating: 4 stars.

    Recommendations: Life of Pi; The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars.

  9. Anna S. Says:

    Summary: Lucy was diagnosed with cancer at age nine. She had to have a third of her jaw removed. When she goes back to school, she has few friends and no true friends. Because Lucy is different, she must face the other students’ cruel remarks. From the time she was nine until college she believed she was ugly, until she found some true friends.

    Evaluation: Autobiography of a Face was okay. It was written well. You could understand what Lucy was feeling. During the book you don’t really know how old she is except a for a few points.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Night World by L.J. smith
    Gone by Michael Grant
    Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong

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