Columbine, Dave Cullen


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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Columbine presents a journalistic examination of the events before, during, and after this infamous school shooting in Colorado. Cullen examines the ideas and actions of the school, the shooters, the victims, the parents, the press, and the police, and he debunks many popular myths surrounding this crime. While the actual school shooting was horrific, the principle characters had much more sinister intentions as they plotted their attack. His detailed reporting presents readers with a much more complete picture of the precursors, events, and aftermath of April 20, 1999.

    Anyone looking for fresh perspective and more detail about the Columbine school shooting must read this book. Despite a grim topic, Cullen fascinated me with his analysis of the characters and events. He tackles the big questions of “why?” and “how?” in a way that engages readers and shines a clear spotlight upon these murky deeds. I learned much from reading this book, and I would strongly recommend it to readers interested in stories of True Crime.

    Recommendations: In Cold Blood, Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, Where Men Win Glory, Under the Banner of Heaven

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