I Have Lived a Thousand Years, Livia Bitton-Jackson

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  1. Briana B. Says:

    Summary: Elli lived a privileged life fulfilled with family, friends, and wealth in her homeland of Hungary. Elli and her family were Jewish and practiced their religion openly and proudly. In 1944, the family’s lavish lifestyle quickly changed when the Nazis invaded. She was forced to leave all her beloved possessions, home, school and family when relocated to a ghetto miles away. Soon after their arrival, the 9 members of Elli’s family were transported in cattle cars to their first concentration camp. Elli and her mother were deemed able to work, but were separated from the rest of the family. Their grueling journey of unspeakable torture and starvation had just begun. For two years, Elli and her mother endured 5 concentration camps including the infamous Auschwitz. Elli and her mother survived the inhuman conditions until American troops freed what was left of the Jewish people. Elli, her mother and older brother are the only members of the family to survive, the rest had been murdered during the Holocaust. Unable to restore a sense of freedom or safety, Elli and her distraught family set sail for America. Elli was a normal 13 year old living a life lived with love and security when the Nazis hatred separated and killed her family and friends. Elli had the strength and perseverance to face a new life in America despite her horrific treatment and losses with her family.

    Evaluation: This book was a great read about the Holocaust and the history of World War II. It’s amazing to see what all the Holocaust victims had to go though and how they survived. This book makes you think of all the simple things we take for granted every day. Overall it’s an inspiring read that I would recommend to my peers.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: The Glass Castle, The Help, and Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

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