Sword of the Rightful King, Jane Yolen



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  1. Rebecca S. Says:

    Sword of the Rightful King is a King Arthur tale by Jane Yolen. There are two main stories mashed together quite nicely. One features the son of Morgause, the North Witch, whose name is Gawaine. The other, a mysterious boy named Gawen. They each show up at King Arthur’s palace, Gawen by himself and Gawaine with three of his brothers. While there, a plot to kill Arthur comes to light and Gawaine and his brothers are at the top of the suspect list. Gawen is there to learn to be a knight and forges a friendship with Arthur’s magician, Merlinnus. However, after some time, it turns out that Gawaine is truly loyal to Arthur. But although the assassination plot is thought to be over, peace is not yet achieved there. Merlinnus has revealed a sword in a stone and tells Arthur and Gawen that whoever takes it out is the true king of Britain. They put it in public so that any man may try but before anyone could properly try, Morgause shows up. She enchants everyone, except Gawen and nearly marries Arthur. But before the wedding, she is overheard with an accomplice plotting to kill him. The accomplice dies and Morgause flees. After all the assassination drama, the infamous sword in the stone is finally underway. Many people try, but Arthur is still the one to be King of Britain. He is not content though. He feels it’s not right, so he confronts Gawen and Merlinnus about it and learns a shocking secret about Gawen.

    Evaluation: Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen was an okay book. There were good parts, but at the same time, there were also some boring parts. Parts that had me wondering when that particular piece would be over and it would get exciting again. But once you got past the lukewarm pieces, it was pretty good book to read. There was suspicious activity, parts that made me want to read quickly to see what would happen and plot twists that put everything I had previously read into a new light.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: Divergent by Veronica Roth

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