Seraphina, Rachel Hartman



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  1. Margot L. Says:

    Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman, is about a girl named Seraphina who grows up in a kingdom called Goredd. Goredd is home to not just humans, but dragons, too, who take human form and live among the people. The 40th anniversary of the treaty between dragons and humans is drawing near, and peace is wavering. Furthermore, Seraphina has a secret…one that may cost her her life, or may unite the opposing forces, the humans and dragons. She struggles with acceptance of herself and finding people who love her. She must uncover the secrets and shame of her past, and bring herself into the light of the present.

    I love this book. Not only is the plot fascinating and keeps the reader guessing to the end, but Seraphina herself is the perfect heroine. Seraphina embodies the entirety of the human experience; fear, pain, and uncertainty, and at the same time, she is a glowing star, a woman with incredible courage and strength, who is not perfect, but learns to accept and love herself despite what she thinks are her “flaws.” She is not a woman who needs a “Prince Charming” to save her, and is a wonderful role model of a positive and strong woman. I highly recommend this book to men, women, and teens alike. It is inspiring, and a story of finding the real beauty inside you.

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