Dream Team, Jack McCallum

dream team


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  1. Austin S. Says:

    Summary: In Dream Team, author Jack McCallum delivers an amazing book that any true basketball fan should spend time and read. Mr. McCallum, who was a journalist for Sports Illustrated, received the opportunity to travel with the “Dream Team” to Barcelona for the 1992 summer Olympics. The team’s roster included Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and many other greats. It took a lot of work between the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the FIBA (The International Basketball Federation) to get everything orchestrated so that NBA players could ultimately compete in the Olympics. People doubted NBA players, saying they would never play without being paid but behind Magic Johnson and Coach Chuck Daly’s lead the “Dream Team” was assembled. Every player that competed for Team USA has a completely different story on how they obtained their skill and the obstacles that they overcame but all made it to the basketball’s biggest stage. In Barcelona, friendships were constructed, they learned how to play together, and the “Dream Team” went on to win gold and set the stage for competing nations for years to come.

    Evaluation: This book was very intriguing because I personally love basketball and wanted to obtain a more in-depth perception on one of the greatest teams ever. It’s astonishing how good and how athletic those “Dream Team” players are but to learn their personalities through this book was even more influential. It was very enjoyable to get to know a couple of the players that I look up to. This is a very good read and should encourage people to try and do something tremendous with their lives so maybe one day your greatness will be talked about.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Recommendations: Roses are Red, Dream Team, The Old Man and the Sea

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