The Final Four, Paul Volponi

final four


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One Response to “The Final Four, Paul Volponi”

  1. Eric T. Says:

    Summary: The book The Final Four is about four players on two teams playing against each other in a final four game. As the game progresses, you learn about the players lives and how their different paths brought them together to play with and against each other in one game. Malcolm, a super star “one and done” player born and raised in the projects of Detroit, had coaches from all over asking him to join their team. He ultimately chose to play for Michigan State because their coach did not care if he left after one year to the NBA. Roko was born in Croatia, a Post-civil war country where people were still fighting for money. He learned basketball from his uncle Drazen and barely made the high school team but kept working on his basketball until he was able to walk on to the Troy University basketball team and eventually become an NBA prospect. Crispin, the big man at Troy with a great shooting touch, deals with an engagement to a Troy cheer leader as well as a shooting slump, and MJ (Michel Jordan) has to deal with being a mediocre college basketball player with the biggest name in basketball.

    Review: The book was good. I like how as the game went on you got the background on the players lives to explain more what was going on in the game and between players. As the game stretches on both teams are unable to pull away and the suspense builds. I found myself sucked in to the book at the end and actually unhappy when it ended, both because it was a good book and because the ending sucked. I would recommend the book The Final Four because it was an enjoyable book even with its unwanted ending.

    Rating: 4/5 stars

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