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  1. Rachel M. Says:

    The book Breathe by Sarah Crossan starts off when the “Switch” happens and everything that humans need to survive is destroyed, especially oxygen. Then the company called Breathe makes a product to replace oxygen so humans can survive. But the company rules by an iron fist only letting the rich and its employees have enough oxygen to breathe and do things that you would usually do, but leaving everyone else to the scraps. A rebelling starts for equal breathing and all is revealed.

    I like the book overall, it’s just that there’s some gaps in the plot that the author failed to close. Like for example, when the characters of the book talked about the “Switch” they failed to mention what happen exactly in the switch! It leaves the reader some confused sometimes. But overall it’s a great book.

    Rating: Three out of five stars.

    Recommendation: The Hunger Games.

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