Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne

Journey to the Center of the Earth


One Response to “Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne”

  1. Fiona D. Says:

    This book follows the adventures of the Professor Von Hardwigg, and his nephew Harry, accompanied by their faithful-if-paid guide Han, as they traverse the tunnels that intertwine through the bowels of the earth. Beginning in Iceland they delve into the mouth of a volcano and commence their expedition to disprove various theories and conspiracies about the truth at the center of the earth. Armed and carrying provisions for six months they face the challenges that arise at they persevere onwards and downwards. Constantly measuring temperature, pressure, and distance both laterally and depth wise they struggle to find a path in the labyrinth that will lead them to their destination. The dangers they encounter may deter them from their goal momentarily at times but the strange combination of explorers persevere nonetheless.

    The brilliance of the novel comes from the science and facts behind the phenomena, which arise towards the center of the earth, and how they are incorporated into the storyline. Combining fantasy with reality fluidly you begin to appreciate the unhampered enthusiasm Professor Hardwigg expresses and the concerns Harry voices rather regularly. The integration of the characters’ own feelings into their expedition make it much more vivid and gives the reader more to sympathize with. The author also uses the strange situations the characters are put in to accentuate the flaws each person exhibits, in some cases making you detest them. Overall the most interesting part of the book becomes not the fantasy of where they are but how plainly the author portrays the characteristics of each person.

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