I Am Number Four, Pittacus Lore



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  1. Marle K. Says:

    I Am Number Four is an adventurous young adult science fiction novel. A 15 year old boy not from this planet was the fourth of the nine children sent to earth from their home planet Lorien, conquered by the Mogadorians. All nine children and their guardians have been running in separate ways, in hope that the Mogadorians do not find and destroy them like they did to their planet. One, two and three have been killed and now they come for John, number four. John and his guardian Henry wait in Paradise, Ohio for their next move, when the beautiful Sarah Hart catches John’s attention. John and Sarah hit it off just as John starts his legacies, great powers humans dream of having. As the Mogadorians draw closer, John becomes more attached to Sarah, when he knows that he needs to join the five surviving Gardes and fight the monsters who destroyed their planet.

    This book was quite enjoyable, for the thrill, action, and teen romance: all just made this book extremely engaging. The imagination put into the writing was delectable, the excitement of alien versus alien, large alien beasts, shape-shifting pets and powers that humans can only dream of. Not only was there thrill but the teen romance between John and Sarah gave a heartwarming feeling as you read of John’s attachment of not wanting to leave her. But all this together gives an inconclusive, conclusion that leads into the next book, The Power of Six.

    Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Recommendations: Percy Jackson Series, The Lost Hero, The Power of Six

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