Point Blank, Anthony Horowitz



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  1. Anders B. Says:

    Summary: Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy who is a highly skilled spy working for MI6. His key power is that he is never suspected to be a spy since he is at such a young age. In this story, Alex’s age really helps him be able to fit in with the place he spies on. Alex is sent to the French Alps to an advanced school that is made for the children of very wealthy people. Alex is sent to try and figure out what the connection is between the school and the students’ fathers being killed. Dr. Grief, the scientist in charge of the school, has a plan to gain power through the students. His plan is to use the clones he made and conduct plastic surgery on them to replace the children who are attending the school. With these clones he will send them back, taking over their dead father’s business and provide economic and political power to Dr. Grief. Before Rider can get out of the school with the information he acquired, Dr. Grief found out what Alex was up to and didn’t let him leave, planning to kill him because of the secret information he had learned.

    Evaluation: Point Blank is definitely a great addition to the Alex Rider series, over ranking the first book. I would say if you enjoy reading books that have many exciting moments, different twists in the plot, and many solved mysteries, then this is definitely the book for you. Throughout the story, there was never a time when I wanted to close the book. Every part of this book is action and mystery packed, making it irresistible to keep reading. I liked how the author always had another little twist when something new was found out by Alex. When Alex Rider discovered that there was a replicate floor above him I was surprised of Dr. Grief’s plan. I would recommend this book to any reader.

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