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  1. Milo B. Says:

    Insurgent is the second book of the Divergent trilogy and the sequel to Divergent. It begins on the same day Divergent ended, Tris, Four (Tobias), and others recently escaped the Dauntless’ and Erudite’s plot against them and are looking to seek refuge with the Amity faction of peace. Tris is still in much shock and in the process of mourning the deaths of multiple family members whose lives were given to protect her. Soon after arriving at Amity the Dauntless and Erudite show up in search of the refugees in fear of knowledge of theirs. The traitors are unsure of whom they are looking for but eventually Four’s tattoos give the refugees away. After a skirmish of gun fights breaks outs the group of Tris, Four, Caleb, and Susan jump on a train full of “faction less members”. The group accompanies them to the Faction less zone and meets their leader Evelyn who is also Four’s mother. The group soon splits as Caleb and Susan seek a safe haven and Tris and Four head to Candor headquarters. There they are confronted and forced into a trail after taking a truth serum, where Tris admits to killing a boy named Will, Candor is attacked later by Dauntless with is commanded by Eric, one of Dauntless’ traitors. When the fight is over, a meeting between the Erudite and the Candor is proposed after information of Jeanine’s (Erudite leader) secret lab where the serums are being made. Jeanie doesn’t come; instead Max (leader of the Dauntless traitors) is there. Tris, Four, Shauna, and Lyn spy on this meeting before Shauna shoots Max in the chest. Back at Candor Eric is executed and the group leaves to make an alliance with the Faction less to combat Erudite and destroy their technology. Four tries to talk Tris into staying somewhere safe but she leaves that night while he sleeps for Erudite. Tris enters Erudite headquarters with confidence. She finds Peter there and while unaware of their alliance is set as her personal guard. She makes a deal with Jeanine that she will be test subject as long as she is explained the results. Days later Four is captured at Erudite kept as prisoner. After many failures of serums proving to capable of controlling Tris, Jeanine becomes frustrated and plans for Tris to be executed the next day. The next day Tris is brought to the execution chamber but is injected with a paralysis serum by Peter as he owes her for saving his life. They travel to Abnegation to discuss the results where the Faction less and Dauntless refugees are staying in safe houses. There Tris finds Marcus (Four’s father), she discovers that her parents died saving information that Jeanine had that could put her away. She trusts Marcus and devises a plan to find that information in Erudite a team is formed in Amity made of refugees from Erudite. Dressed as Erudite members they enter Erudite headquarters, they lose group members in fights but near Jeanine’s primary lab. Before she can reach the lab she is sprayed with a serum that creates a simulation which forces her to fight a simulated version of herself. She shoots her simulated self out of desperation. Once Tris reaches the lab she finds Tori and Jeanine arguing. Tris disarms Tori and explains that they need information out of Jeanine, but Tori pulls out a knife and stabs Jeanine killing her. As the scene ends Four and others burst into the room and Tori blames the murder on Tris. Four soon believes it was not Tris and people from many fractions are gathered outside to see a video which Jeanine had hidden. The video was about a Woman named Amanda Ritter. She gives a long speech about her theories, what Jeanine was trying to do and the future of their society, the video ends with much controversy and the room erupts in voices.

    As the second book in the trilogy Insurgent was more enjoyable than Divergent, it was far more action packed, was easier to adjust to the story and characters being familiar. The fact that the story began as soon as Divergent ended caught my attention and immediately brought anticipation as to where the story will go. Some of the logic of the story is debatable but that’s to be expected from a futuristic sci-fi fantasy. The new love story gimmick that’s taking place isn’t too exciting and a bit of a cliché but that’s also typical and to be expected. Reading the third and final sequel to the Divergent trilogy after the cliff hanger that Insurgent left the reader at is inevitable. One thing though that will always be despised are the names that are used in the story. Far too many characters that are just irrelevant, on top of that the names are far too common and prove to be irritating. I would rate Insurgent a 7.5 out of 10.

    Story Quote
    Many quotes from Insurgent could be use to describe the story or the theme, but “Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind” (167). This quote was chosen because it relates back to the different factions, Amity, Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, and Candor. As Dauntless represent bravery yet they prove to be one of the most evil and violent of all the factions. It also demonstrates for the reader why there are all the different factions and why everyone was to be separated. It’s as simple as them not being able to get along, such as the reference to Dauntless and Abnegation. With the exception of those who are declared Divergent, no one can represent two of the factions, which is what makes the main character Tris unique. She resembles such a kind person but at the same time is one of the bravest characters in the story.

  2. bachbooks Says:

    In the second installment of the Divergent series, we follow Tris, Four, and some other survivors of the Erudite simulation attacks as they regroup and plot their next moves. Some favor an alliance with the Factionless, while others seek to act more independently. Readers meet Four’s factionless mother who proposes a plan at odds with his father’s plot. When Tris hears different information from various sources, she doesn’t know who or what to believe. After all she has suffered, Tris risks both her life and her love in pursuit of the truth.

    In some ways I enjoyed Insurgent more than Divergent, because I already knew the characters, settings, and situations. Since she doesn’t need to introduce a whole new version of the world, Roth moves quickly from event to event in this second book. We still learn more about the main characters, but Insurgent felt more “action packed” than Divergent. While I enjoyed reading this book, I did get a little lost in the middle of it. Tris is on one path, and then she chooses another path even though I didn’t see a compelling reason for her to do so. I may have missed some key detail as I read late at night, or her motivations may be ambiguously presented, but I went back and reread the scene in the Abnegation meeting hall, and I still don’t fully understand. I was able to transcend my confusion, read on, and enjoy the book. I liked the surprise revelation at the end, although I found the ending to Catching Fire more shocking (I sense a cliffhanger pattern/formula at work for these second books?). I will eagerly await the next (final?) installment in the series as I hope to learn more about Tris, her family, and life beyond the fence.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Divergent, Ship Breaker, The Drowned Cities, The Hunger Games

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