Sailor Twain, Mark Siegel

sailor twain


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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Sailor Twain tells the story of Captain Elijah Twain, of the steamship Lorelei, and his relationship with the “Mermaid in the Hudson.” As Twain rescues the wounded mermaid from the river and nurses her back to health, he feels torn between his desire for this alluring creature and his moral obligation to remain faithful to his distant wife, Pearl. Twain’s restraint stands in stark contrast to Dieudonne Lafayette, the ship’s owner, who appears to grieve his brother Jacques-Henri’s strange disappearance with a number of adulterous affairs with various female passengers and crew. Add to the mix the mysterious author C.G. Beaverton who recounts myths of mermaids and other fantastic creatures and may have the answers to the riddles both Twain and Lafayette seek to solve.

    My friend Chuck gave me a copy of this book, since he deemed it to mature for his middle school library. With its topless mermaid and philandering Frenchman, I agree this graphic novel may not be appropriate for pre-teens, but it should delight both teen and adult readers with its blend of mystery, morality, action, and romance. I enjoyed Siegel’s allusions and his use of parallel characters (Twain’s wife Pearl and the mermaid both sing and neither has the proper use of legs.) The mythological origins of the Mermaid in the Hudson combined classic mythology with an American locale. Ultimately, this story of love and its power over us should resonate with readers who have grappled with their hearts. Through a Mermaid, a tale, and pretty pictures, Siegel reminds us that love can corrupt us, correct us, and leave us longing for more.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Mythology, The Night Circus, Every Day, Paper Towns

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