Animal Dreams, Barbara Kingsolver


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  1. Anna C. Says:

    Meet Codi Noline. Her life is a life of almost. Almost a certified doctor – only a few months short of her degree. Had a long-term almost relationship – except she and Carlo weren’t ever really anything. Almost has a family, except her mother’s been dead since memory, her father’s losing his once-sharp mind, and her sister Hallie is in the midst of a revolution in Nicaragua, reachable only by weeks-slow mail and fighting for her life with the revolutionaries. When Codi has to return to her hometown of Grace where she always almost fit in, to keep an eye on her ailing father, her hazy past is brought into sharp focus. Confronted by the people, places, and memories long forgotten, all the while trying to teach rebellious high schoolers without a teaching certificate, Codi must face and finally become a definite reality.

    Usually, the books I only choose to read for school are decent, but not much better. Barbara Kingsolver, however, blows my expectations out of the water every time. The quality of her writing itself is superb – none of the grammar was anything less than perfect. That’s not exactly common. The story was equally excellent, although at times slightly not exactly appropriate. I was able to read the story multiple times and I still am not sick of it at all, which is uncommon. In addition to the powerful imagery, Animal Dreams’ complex plot filled with differing viewpoints and questions of social justice blended with an abundance of culture leads to no boredom whatsoever on the part of the reader. I’d highly recommend this book – it’s not even that long!

    Rating: A definite five stars.

    Recommendations: The Poisonwood Bible, The Fault in our Stars, Heart of Darkness.

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