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  1. Rachel M. Says:

    The book Specials by Scott Westerfeld starts off with Tally the main character becoming a Special. A Special is a human who is a weapon of mass destruction. The Specials are after the rebellious thinkers who don’t want to be a part of the government’s mind games. Tally used to be a part of this rebellion until she became a Special, now her past friends and memories are catching up to her. She is at a crossroad to join up with her dark past or stick to being a Special. In the end it will be an awesome ending to the Uglies series!
    I love this book overall. It has a great storyline; good developed main characters and an exciting plot twist ending! When you first read this book you think you know everything that’s going to happen and then when Tally’s love interest dies, it throws everything for a loop. This makes it all the more juicer to read, so overall it an amazing book!

    Four out of five stars.

    Recommendations: The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Breathe.

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