Beastly, Alex Flinn



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  1. Brianna N. Says:

    Summary: Kyle Kingsbury is the “perfect” guy. The type of guy every girl has a crush on. He has everything: looks, money, popularity. But he is also the type of guy who will make fun of anyone that is not as perfect as he is. So when he plays a mean trick on a girl, that is “lower” than him, she has no regrets about turning him into a beast. Because he had done one small act of kindness (probably the only one in his life), the witch girl gives him two years to find a girl that will love him and kiss him. But Kyle doesn’t believe in love, and even if he did who could love a beast? Kyle’s father buys Kyle a house away from the city so that no one can see Kyle; there he becomes obsessed with taking care of roses. As Kyle goes through the experience of being a beast he becomes more “soft hearted”. He appreciates those around him, learns to love and even finds out who his real friends are. One day a drug dealer breaks into Kyle’s garden and in return for his life the drug dealer gives up his daughter, and Kyle finally becomes hopeful that he can break the spell.

    Evaluation: This book is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast and although many think that the book is predictable, it still gives feelings of suspension. The character also is very realistic; his emotions are really relate-able. The reader starts to feel as if they were actually the main character. In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the story is mostly given from Bella’s perspective but in Alex Flinn’s Beastly the story is given from the beast’s point of view. Plus the symbolism of the rose really showed how the main character was changing. The author made symbols into her story, but not obviously, which gives the reader room to predict.

    Rating: 4 Stars

    Recommendations: The Grimm Sisters, Cloaked, The Violet Eyes, The Night Dance

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