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  1. Eric S. Says:

    The book House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski follows the story of a man by the name of Johnny, although, that is not necessarily how the book reads. The book is actually about the story of a man named Nadivision and a person compiling his works by the name of Zampano. Nadivision is a photographer and film artist for National Geographic who decides to retire and film the life of his family for his final project, however, the house he moves into seems to be disturbingly larger on the inside. Overtime this distance grows bigger and a closet appears inside the house leading to a great abyss below. Then Nadivision records detail his and his acquaintances ventures into this abyss. After these supposed events obscurely happened, Zampano begun to compile all of the happenings and story of the events into a book, however, the reader discovers that he became paranoid of the events and supposed creatures in the house and killed himself, although, the truth of that is never quite revealed, his story is told within the footnotes of the book. Finally, Johnny is a man who found the works that Zampano was compiling and took it upon himself to read and evaluate as he too, like Zampano, slowly became obsessed and paranoid about the events that were happening.

    Combining humor, terror, sadness, and action, House of Leaves proved itself to be an excellent read. One of the biggest points to recognize before tackling this eerie book is that it is in no way a easy read or friendly to those who are easily offended. One of the main points of view is that of a drugged up 20 year old, and the book is formatted in a way to intentional make you feel claustrophobic or rushed which, although this creates a good read, may be unsettling for some reasons. I would only recommend this book to those readers who are ready for a challenge and are willing to read a book at least twice to really understand it well along with being willing to dive into a sea of footnotes and references.

    Rating: 5/5

    Recommendations: Off World by Robin Parrish

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