A Prisoner of Birth, Jeffrey Archer



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One Response to “A Prisoner of Birth, Jeffrey Archer”

  1. Michael L. Says:

    I thought that this book was just okay, the storyline is good, A Prisoner of Birth is a modern twist on the classic The Count of Monte Cristo the action and humor in the book was really good. The the reader has a fun time getting to learn and know the different qualities perspectives of the different characters in the book. The thing that sort of ruined the book for me was that it wasn’t very appropriate, since there are a couple of parts that I had to skip over. However, excluding those parts of the book I thought that it was an okay book.

    Danny Cartwright just proposed to Beth Wilson and to celebrate he invites his best friend Bernie to come and celebrate with them, but the night changes from a night of celebration into a night that would haunt both Danny and Beth for the rest of their lives. Danny is charged with the murder of Bernie. The four witnesses who are responsible for him being falsely accused and charged think that since Danny is serving a life sentence that they are in the clear, but they never thought that Danny would somehow get out early.

    Rating: 3 out of 5

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