Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver

before I fall


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One Response to “Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver”

  1. Ruby P. Says:

    I read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. The main character is a popular, pretty, queen bee of high school who goes through everyday getting exactly what she wants. She wakes up one seemingly normal morning, February 12th, which happened to be cupid day at her high school. She got to school, received flowers, ditched class with her friends, saw her hot boyfriend, went to a party and at the end of the night, got into a car with a drunk driver, which proved to be a fatal decision. Samantha Kingston was killed that Friday night in a car accident. You would think that was it, the end, instead she wakes up again, reliving her last day. She doesn’t know what to do, so she becomes reckless, seducing her math teacher and doing drugs, but that only makes things worse. She wakes up the next morning, repeating the day again, and starts to realize how strongly each little decision affects not only her days, but her life. As she continues to relive the day, she realizes the hole in her life was not what she didn’t have, but who she had become. Samantha continues to relive this day and gradually realizes that her and her friends weren’t treating people right and she had been living a superficial life. One girl, Juliet, actually had even jumped in front of the car that Samantha died in to commit suicide and Samantha eventually made it her mission to better Juliet’s life. By the seventh day she has realized a lot and matured dramatically, putting others in front of herself, such as her little sister and Juliet, trying to possibly salvage her own life. But on that seventh and final day, she realizes it is not her death she is preventing, but building a life around her that she can die proud of, which concludes with sacrificing herself so that Juliet may live and she can finally cross over.

    I really enjoyed this book, and I would even go so far to say it is one of my all time favorite books. Because I am in high school, a lot of the things she sees on a daily basis, and is going through, I can relate to. The entire book really affected me and made me evaluate how I was treating people on a daily basis, and how I could improve how I spend my time. This book makes you realize that every minute you spend in your life is precious and you need to treat it that way. It was well written too, and you could assume it would be repetitive in repeating the days, but I would say that is one of Oliver’s best strengths, keeping it interesting with every page. Oliver is truly willing to say things that other authors simply are not in order to uncover the truth, which improves the quality and depth of the novel. A positive message is delivered, that popularity isn’t everything; it is how you treat people that matters. Truly a great book, which I would definitely choose to read again if given the chance. I would give this book a 4.5/5 stars.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone in high school. While girls may be a little more in the target audience, I think a lot of boys could enjoy this book too. Some of the themes, as well as actions by the characters may be a little too old for anyone younger than 9th grade. I honestly think so much can be taken away from reading this, and almost any teen could find it interesting and impactful.

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