The Rising Tide, Jeff Shaara

rising tide

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  1. Eli N. Says:

    The Rising Tide by Jeff Shaara is a historical fiction story which takes place during World War II told of the dangerous, intense, dust cloud filled tank battles of North Africa, the daring American landing in Algeria, the invasion of Sicily and Italy and the early preparations for D-day. Jeff Shaara has done a brilliant job of using no bias and uses not only opinions and points of view from both sides of the war but uses every rank of soldier. You can practically feel the thrill of being beside Rommel as he fights the British and holds off the American advances. With the same vivid description you can feel yourself falling from an airplane as an American private training for Sicily. This is an amazing book to read and gives anyone interested in World War II or war books a good perspective that keeps history from getting dry and textbook.

    In the beginning the story starts with Rommel’s offensive against the British army in which Rommel manages to push them to Al Alemein. The story follows his campaign as falls back against Montgomery’s attacks and struggles with the German command in order to get more supplies. All while he uses the American preparations of Operation Torch to create cliff hangers in the Rommel-Montgomery story. Jeff Shaara follows the battle of Sicily and the political swirling around General Patton and the Allied command scheme. This riveting tale of battle after battle, both in the field and in the command structure, goes from North Africa to all the way to setting the stage for D-day.

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