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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Recent college graduate, Lincoln, lands a computer security job at a newspaper. The graveyard shift pays well and provides hours of free time for Lincoln to do as he pleases. It’s a dream job, with a catch: in addition to preparing the newspaper computer network for Y2K, Lincoln must also monitor all emails flagged by the security filter and send warnings to the flagged users. He doesn’t like reading other people’s emails until he finds himself drawn in to a correspondence between two friends, Jennifer and Beth. According to the system, Lincoln should warn them about using company email for personal conversations, but he loves reading about their lives too much to risk losing his window into their worlds. In spite of this first professional job, Lincoln feels “stuck,” living at his mother’s house, socially isolated, and haunted by memories of his high school girlfriend Sam. What will it take to for Lincoln to get his life back on track?

    After reading Eleanor & Park and Fangirl, I sought out Attachments to complete my study of the Rainbow Rowell catalogue. I found it funny to read a nostalgic book about 1999, but Rowell captures the spirit of the times, and the post-collegiate doldrums, beautifully. I could relate to Lincoln’s wounded heart and general lack of purpose. The email snooping format reminded me of Where’d You Go, Bernadette and hooked me on the story from the first page of this great romantic comedy. In lesser hands, this story could have come off as “creepy” and “stalkerish,” but Rowell makes Lincoln very human and sweet. Once again, I loved reading Attachments, and I will look forward to Rainbow Rowell’s next offering.

    Rating: 4.5 stars

    Recommendations: Eleanor & Park; Where’d You Go, Bernadette; The Fault in Our Stars, Why We Broke Up, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska

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