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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Champion concludes the Legend trilogy with the final chapter in the saga of June, Day, and the Republic. When a new strand of plague breaks out in the Colonies, Elector Anden sends June reaching out to Day in the hopes that he will allow the Republic to experiment on Eden in search of a cure. When Day refuses, Anden and June travel to Antarctica in search of military and medical assistance. Meanwhile, Day receives an offer from an unexpected source which could possibly end the war and save the Republic.

    Champion provides satisfying conclusions to both the political and personal struggles of the trilogy. While much of the political resolution occurs outside the narrative, this episode brings June and Day together and then provides a surprising twist in their relationship. Filled with action scenes, this book seems destined for the big screen, but, even so, Lu kept her focus on June and Day and the relationship at the heart of the trilogy. As far as dystopian conclusions go, Champion finished much closer to Mockingjay than Allegiant, and, in my opinion, that’s a victory for Lu and her readers.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: Legend, Prodigy, Ship Breaker, The Drowned Cities, Divergent, Brave New World, The Hunger Games, 1984, Romeo and Juliet

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