Band of Brothers, Steven Ambrose

band of brothers


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One Response to “Band of Brothers, Steven Ambrose”

  1. Jonah S. Says:

    Band of Brothers is the true retelling of the Easy “E” Company as they fought through Europe in World War II. It is a book that starts in the southern United States with grueling basic training, and ends in the Eagle’s Nest in Nazi Germany. This book is both entertaining and informative, as Ambrose tells an intense story while also staying true to history. Though this story may seem like a history lesson at first glance, it proves to be much more as characters die in the heat of battle, fight against a cruel enemy, and develop relationships that are truly brother-like.

    The book was really good. Although the beginning focused a bit too much on training, and the excitement doesn’t come in until about 80-90 pages in, overall it was an exciting and informative read. I would certainly recommend it to World War II buffs.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Night, Number the Stars, Sunrise over Fallujah

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