The Kennedy Curse, Edward Klein

kennedy curse


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One Response to “The Kennedy Curse, Edward Klein”

  1. Maura S. Says:

    The Kennedy Curse by Edward Klein is a book that goes into detail on the personal lives of the members of the famous Kennedy family and all of the terrible tragedies that have happened to them. From assassination attempts to tragic drownings, the Kennedy family has been through almost everything. The author takes the time to analyze the reasons as to why this perceived “curse” has come over the family, and how it came to be known as one as he goes through the hundreds of years of fascinating history of this extremely well known family.

    While this book was a somewhat interesting read, I felt that it was extremely biased, and that the book was often based on the opinions and speculations of the author. I think that it would be beneficial to read a more factually based book on the Kennedy family before one tackled this book which is more based on the author’s ideas of the Kennedy curse, rather than unbiased facts.

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