The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch



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  1. Erin S. Says:

    Looks can be deceiving, as taught through the true story of Randy who looked as an average, healthy man but suffered from traumatic pancreatic cancer. The ten tumors developed on his liver caused his life span to shrink greatly. But before his untimely death, Randy had a chance to speak one final lecture. With all the enthusiasm he had for the lecture, he spent most of the time and energy he had in his last few months poring over this lecture. His wife, Jai, was not as enthusiastic about this lecture as she wanted for him to spend as much time with his family as he could bear. However, Randy pursues his goal of finishing one last lecture while just keeping himself alive.

    After reading The Last Lecture, I have a new understanding of what it truly means to dedicate one’s life to the greater good. Through humor and wisdom, I have learned overwhelming amounts of life advice from a man who knew it all.
    Previous questions I had in the first half of the book have most certainly been answered.
    1. Will Randy make a surprise recovery and end up living happily ever after with his family, lecture, and newfound love for life? Randy lived a wonderful life before his passing, and sadly did pass away in July 2008.
    2. Will Randy ever be able to finish his lecture? Or will he pass away while at the peak of his wise words? Thankfully, Randy’s dying wish to be able to share his experiences and wisdom with the world in a positive, inspirational manner did happen! His last lecture was published in April 2008, mere months before his passing.
    3. Will Randy’s family come to terms with the lecture that Randy has seemingly loved so much more than the people around him in his last days? Randy’s family, seemingly as wonderful and understanding as I’ve come to think of this man, learned to love Randy’s quirks. One of them being his love and drive to share with the world. What made Randy happy made his family happy, and together they shared happiness.
    The Last Lecture is a highly recommendable book for its wonderful sense of lightheartedness in a dark time as well giving inspiration to anyone and everyone around. Randy Pausch proves is a true inspiration and personally, I feel lucky to have been able to read about such an amazing human being whose life was sadly cut far too short.

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