The Match, Mark Frost


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  1. Cody R. Says:

    Summary: The book was written in 2007, but takes place in the ‘50’s. This book is about a golf match that occurs when Eddie Lowery (who caddied for Francis Ouimet in his U.S. Open victory) and George Coleman get in an argument on whether amateur golfers or professionals are better. So Eddie makes a wager that two of his employees, Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward could take on any pros Coleman could rally up. This is a day in sport where there still isn’t very much money to be made as a pro athlete so very commonly athletes will remain amateurs and have normal jobs on the side. So the two men agree to hold the match at Cypres Point Golf Club in California, but to avoid the media by making a false tee time at another course to keep it more private. The team of pros consists of two of the world best, Hogan and Nelson, while the amateurs Venturi and Ward are up to the daunting task of taking down giants of the sport. This a great read for any golf fan who is very interested in the history of the game.

    Rating: Five Stars

    Recommendations: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, and Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

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