Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein

Code Name Verity


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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Set in World War II, Code Name Verity tells the story of two friends from very different backgrounds. From her grandfather’s motorbike shop to various airfield hangars, Maddie loves working with her hands to repair broken motors and more. Julie lives a life of elegance and grace until the war drives her to serve her country as a radio operator and a spy. Eventually, Maddie becomes a pilot who transports damaged planes within England and ferries mysterious passengers behind enemy lines into occupied France. When Maddie crashes a damaged plane into a French field, Julie is captured by the Germans and tortured for information. Maddie works toward her rescue and eventually her revenge.

    I loved how Wein crafted a WWII flying ace spy thriller around female protagonists. This story had a very real feel to it, and I loved the clever and crafty main characters. With the various code names, it took me a little while to sort out who the story was focusing on in the beginning, but I figured it out before too long. The division into parts helped provide perspective and build suspense. Some readers despaired at the bleak beginning of this book, but I found it a hopeful tale of friendship, perseverance, and resistance.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Night, The Book Thief, I Am the Messenger, Rose Under Fire

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