Blackett’s War, Stephen Budiansky



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One Response to “Blackett’s War, Stephen Budiansky”

  1. DJ D. Says:

    What has happened so far in the book is that the man designing the U-Boat accidentally allowed the blueprints out to a small amount of people, but these small amount were just enough to be able to take down the U-Boat. They were leaked to a special engineer in the US. Because of this he was able to design a radar system that was able to track it and an area in which the military should aim their weapons, the bottom right of the boat, the Achilles heel. Because of this discovery the US and its allies were able to defeat this seemingly indestructible ship. My 3 questions were: What is the way that they defeat the u-boats? How did Blackett get the money to create all the things he did? And What is the way that Germany had a chance to destroy America but failed to do so? And my answers to each are: Blackett was able to find the Achilles heel of the ship and take it down. Blackett got the money to develop these things by asking the military to ask the government for a grant, they said yes. The way Germany was able to destroy the US is a few things, at one point Germany almost had the atomic bomb created before the US did but on a shipment to Germany the ship went down from a fire and sank and were not able to get to Germany, another way was that in Germany they were creating a spy plane that was not able to be detected by radars in the air that had a camera that had an incredible zoom but the war ended in Japan just before they could finish it and after that they no longer had the equipment to finish it. I believe the purpose for the author writing this book was so that people would understand that science has a big part in the way war goes and it’s not just shooting at each other until one surrenders. I believe he also wanted to get at the idea that the US isn’t just this incredible war fighting team and nothing goes wrong, but there were times at which the US could have possibly lost the war and the U-Boats were a big part.

    I would recommend reading this book because everyone needs to understand that just because you’re a scientist doesn’t mean you’re always a boring painful teacher or take millions of tests a day and that’s your life, people need to understand that its not about that; science also can be used to help your country or someone or something you would like to be helpful with.

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