The Hour of Peril, Daniel Stashower

the hour of peril


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One Response to “The Hour of Peril, Daniel Stashower”

  1. Dalton H. Says:

    The book begins with a brief summary of Lincoln’s first inaugural address, without details. The book then introduces the character Allan Pinkerton, who later becomes the detective who investigates the secret plot to murder Lincoln. The first part describes Pinkerton’s character development, how he first becomes a detective, and how he begins his private investigator company. He is then hired by a man who wants Pinkerton to investigate a plot to blow up his railroads. While investigating this, Pinkerton discovers a deeper, more sinister plot to assassinate Lincoln on the day of his inaugural address. The story follows his investigation of the plot.

    This book is astounding. I am not a fan of non-fiction books, in general, because they can be a bit boring and hard to read, but this book was thrilling. Real-life people, doing real-life detective work, in a time of political and social unrest (the period before the Civil War). The author does a great job of taking this story, and the information he has, and making a good book out of it, with a plot with lots of suspense. The characters, although real, are still amusing and somewhat complex. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone needing a pre-1940’s book to read for U.S. History.

    Rating: 5 stars

    Recommendations: I recommend the books “The Watchmen,” and “Harry Potter,” because both of them are action-packed and super cool.

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