In the Time of the Butterflies, Julia Alvarez

in the time of the butterflies


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  1. Maddy M. Says:

    Dede’s husband, Jaimito, tries to control everything Dede does. This started when she wanted to help work with her sisters to try to gain freedom, and her husband was very mad about this. Then because of them trying to gain freedom, Trujillo threatened their family, and they got sent to jail. Patria (not in jail) had a hard time without her sisters with her. She missed them terribly. She soon talks to a guy named Captain Pena that helps Patricia get her relatives out of jail. She goes to El Jefe once they are released to see them. Maria Teresa (one of the sisters) wrote in her notebook about how Minerva and she were sent to prison. The women were aggressively searched by the guards. Also during their prison time, the prisoners wore crucifixes and sing but the guards eventually took them away. Maria Teresa also was taken out of prison and tortured in front of Leandro. After Minerva gets out of prison, the whole country celebrated her and how strong she is. She soon learns that small groups of men in the prison are taken and killed every day. She tries to find a way to free the men. She also writes a letter to Trujillo and he approves that her and her sisters could visit their husbands in prison. In the end, they all end up dying. The purpose was to show how hard the daily life was and how many struggles they had to deal with. It also showed a different government. The government was like an absolute monarchy/ communist government. I would recommend the book to people who really like to read, because it is interesting.

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