Don’t Know Much About the Civil War, Kenneth C. Davis

dont know much about the civil war


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2 Responses to “Don’t Know Much About the Civil War, Kenneth C. Davis”

  1. David M. Says:

    Summary: Don’t Know Much About the Civil War is a book that talks about the parts that most people didn’t know about the Civil War by asking you questions before you go on to the next chapter. Some of the question that Kenneth C. Davis asks the reader in the first chapter is “Who Brought slavery to America? What the difference between a servant and a slave? What was the triangle trade?, and If Jefferson believed what he wrote, Why did he keep slaves?. Kenneth also goes to his past chapters to review what happened and how it has impacted the Civil War in certain points. Kenneth also goes before the Civil War to show how the Civil War started. At some point of the book he talks about what was going on with his life and funny experiences that he has encountered which makes the book feel more enjoyable. On the final chapter of his book. Kenneth showed the impact that the aftermath had on Americans right after the war and the long lasting effect that resonates in our society today.

    Evaluation:The book seemed a bit boring at times especially when it came to something I’ve known. Other than that I learned something new every chapter and it got more entertaining to read. This book would be great for readers who always want to challenge themselves with info about the Civil War or for readers who want to learn more about it. This book is also a great way for someone to catch up on the Civil War if the missed a day of school. The book isn’t much of a struggle to read. I highly recommend this this book.

    Rating: 3 out of 5

    Recommendations: The Knife of Never Letting Go series, and Little Brother

  2. Nathaniel H. Says:

    The book, Don’t Know Much About the Civil War, written by Kenneth C. Davis is a great choice for people wanting something packed with facts and quotes from the many famous politicians and war generals from that time. The book goes into detail about the war and the people involved in it. The many quotes in the book make it feel real and true, he clearly explains what happened in certain events and people such as the Civil War, Lincoln, slavery and both the north and south’s ways of thinking during this time. The book is filled with interesting facts and tells us the true stories behind some of the rumors from events in that time.

    In my opinion the book was pretty good and interesting. The author does a good job of keeping the reader interested and using actual exciting facts. In many other history books I feel like they are very dull but this book was fairly entertaining. The author seems to be very educated about the topics he talks about. One bit of criticism I have is that in towards the middle of the book it got quite boring in certain spots and slowed down, eventually picking back up to its more entertaining pace though.

    3/5 stars

    I recommend that people should read anything by Sherman Alexie, Where the Red Fern Grows and the Watchmen (graphic novel).

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