A Concise History of France, Roger Price

concise history of france


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One Response to “A Concise History of France, Roger Price”

  1. Diana M. Says:

    In this book, it gives the main and important points of the history of France, about early modern France such as the society and politics. Explaining how in modern France over-taxation and royals like Louis XI and Charles VII were always accepted as the ‘common good’. King Louis XI reconstructed France with tax income increasing, and an income of a permanent army. Louis convinced the people that there was only one king, one faith, and one law’ but that caused protesters made of merchants and manufacturers, the people believed in liberty, and the government wasn’t being fair nor trying to fix or realizing how the society was constructed. Contemporary France was about continuity and change. The economy and society changed, population was growing and new things and agricultural resources were introduced for example farming.

    I think this book was very informative, I learned a lot about how the people were treated and what they were fighting for and soon to see how much has changed from modern France to contemporary France. It shows how much reconstruction has been done to the economy and society, and major points about the downfalls of France.

    Rating: 3 out of 5

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