Bootleg, Karen Blumenthal



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  1. Zarah M. Says:

    Bootleg: Murder, Moonshine, and the Lawless Years of Prohibition by Karen Blumenthal goes through different stories about the prohibition time period. It talks about why certain laws were created and what their effects were and also how they were enforced. For example, once the eighteenth amendment was created, having even a glass of wine could end up with you in jail for 6 months or even a fine up to $1000. The government thought if they banned alcohol it would “forever end drunkeness, reduce crime, and make life better for American families.” That solution however did not go as planned as it increased crime tremendously, because people were illegally selling alcohol and opening speakeasies where people could drink. The book also talks about famous gangsters like Al Capone because he rose to fame during this era of lawlessness.

    I enjoyed this book because it talked about a variety of things but they all related back to prohibition. I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in prohibition but also people who like fun facts and little stories about history.

    Recommendations: I would also recommend the book “Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibtion” by Daniel Orkrent and “A History of Wine in America” by Thomas Pinney

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