The Cotton Kingdom, Frederick Olmsted

cotton kingdom


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  1. Andrew S. Says:

    Summary: The Cotton Kingdom by Fredrick Olmsted is a novel that covers the author’s journey to the slave states in the 1850s. At the time he was a correspondent for the New York Times, and he was told to travel these slave states, and write about his accounts while he is there. Through his travels, the author gets a glimpse of the daily lives of both the slaves, and the masters. The book also dives into how the plantations operate, and how they affect the social classes in the south (white and black).

    Evaluation: This novel is a great read for anyone interested in the darker history of America, specifically slavery. The author isn’t too biased because all he is doing is describing life on a plantation. It offers a great perspective of what it was like to live in the south at the time, on both sides of the social hierarchy. Overall a great read and a great historical book.

    Rating: 4 Stars

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